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Catherine A. Ghiglieri and Jewell D. Hoover
October 18, 2015
The Ultimate Guide for Bank Directors, Revised Edition provides bank directors with practical advice and updated information, including on Basel III, CFPB, cybersecurity and risk management, to guide the bank in a safe and sound manner.

Lorne G. Everett, PhD, et al
This compilation of selected technical papers, contains peer-reviewed papers that were presented at a symposium sponsored by ASTM International Committee D18 on Soil and Rock and Subcommittee on Groundwater and Vadose Zone Investigations.

Lorne G. Everett, PhD, et al
The book covers subsurface water exchange between the land and sea as well as groundwater discharge to the seas. It also provides a review of experimental methods and numerical modeling that can be used for the evaluation of specific discharge data and the effect of groundwater on the salt balance of seas and oceans.

Lorne G. Everett, PhD, et al
This publication provides an international perspective on one of the most complex issues in hydrology: field and laboratory measurement of low permeability and dual porosity materials. Eleven peer-reviewed papers, written by an international group of experts, focus on the development of techniques to evaluate hydraulic conductivity and remediation of fine grained and dual porosity geologic materials.

Lorne G. Everett, PhD, et al
Compiled by experienced practitioners, this guide covers topics such as basic principles of vadose zone hydrology and prevalent monitoring techniques. Case studies present actual field experiences for the benefit of the reader. The Handbook provides practitioners with the information they need to fully understand the principles, advantages, and limitations of the monitoring techniques that are available.

Lorne G. Everett, PhD
This handbook contains specific information on the application of a widely accepted groundwater monitoring methodology, which has been applied to coal and oil shale development sites.

Lorne G. Everett, PhD
Guidelines and Methodology for Developing and Implementing a Groundwater Quality Monitoring Program

Stephen E. Siwek, et al
July 1993
The U.S. computer software industry dominates the globe. But why has this critical industry succeeded so dramatically in world competition when so many other strategic technologies have fallen to foreign suppliers? In a detailed and well-reasoned economic analysis, the authors present the first truly comprehensive examination of international trade in computer software. They identify software as one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States as measured by value-added to gross domestic product, employment, and foreign sales. They document the historical importance of U.S.-produced software in both American and foreign markets and they present country-by-country assessments of software markets around the world. Siwek and Furchtgott-Roth identify the principal areas of advantage held by the U.S. software industry and they go on to assess the future prospects of U.S. software in world markets.

Sidney P. Blum
December 23, 2013
This book navigates readers through the nuances of drafting the best possible financial terms for license and other self-reporting agreements and shows how proper monitoring and auditing should occur once a deal is in place. The 2014 Edition includes updated information on how to properly write the financial aspects of royalty contracts to protect the licensor, licensee, and other concerned parties. Additional sample terms and "real-world" agreements have also been included.

Sidney P. Blum
March 3, 2010
This book navigates the nuances of drafting financial terms for license and other self-reporting agreements and shows how proper monitoring and auditing should occur once a deal is in place. This book will modernize and remold how agreements are written and will greatly enhance the bottom line of licensors and other contractors. Lawyers involved in drafting license and other self-reporting contracts typically understand boilerplate provisions but not the financial nuances that are subject to high degrees of interpretation that eventually costs their clients significant money and business relationships.

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