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Since 1994, has been providing millions of users worldwide with access to the information and expertise that they need. As one of the nation's most established and premier Internet registries, serves as a who's who of experts at the top of their respective fields.

about us was established to allow professionals a platform to showcase their areas of Expertise. Since 1994, we have been providing millions of users worldwide with access to specialized knowledge. We believe our members should have control over monetizing their specialized knowledge and expertise. In this day in age of high technology, there is no need for a broker or middle man to mark up fees or market your expertise. Put your best foot forward with

Members of have the ability to market their expertise across multiple platforms, customizing their profiles to targeted markets – e.g., Expert Witnesses, Expert Consultants, Expert Answers, Expert Services, Expert Forum and Expert Blog (some services forth coming).

On, you are not limited to publishing a static Profile(s). Our members can take advantage of many “value – added” offerings such as having your Books and Articles published on the website and linked to your Profile(s). You may also link to websites, audio files, curriculum vitae, case reports and all other pertinent pages, documents or links of interest. To take advantage of Professional and Social Networking, our editors will make sure that your expertise, articles, and books receive some exposure on Blog, , Facebook, Twitter, etc. is committed to excellence and value. We will continue to improve on our offerings to better serve our Members' interests and their Clients. Vs. Broker Infographic

Our forth coming Expert Forum will provide a platform for our members to share their knowledge with other like minded professionals in a private setting.

Our forth coming Expert Answers will be an avenue of potential income for members who wish to answer question in need of immediate response.

Let us know how we can improve. We look forward to serving you.