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You have a shiny new building with a shiny new crane and everything looks great. For some reason, though, the crane won't clear the building columns, even though the contractor and the crane manufacturer are saying everything is to spec and it's not their problem. Common sense says somebody is wrong and that somebody should have to pay (because it's going to cost a bundle).

Unfortunately in this case, there's a giant crack in t he building specs, and you've just fallen through it. This means that after all the arguing and legal costs, you're still going to have to pay to get it fixed.

If you've already fallen in this black hole, there's not much you can do, but if you are about to embark on a new building with an overhead crane, this article will show you where the cracks are and suggest how to bridge them safely.

What is Required?

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D. Larry Dunville has over 35 years of Overhead Crane experience. Mr. Dunville has built, installed, engineered, estimated, sold and serviced overhead bridge cranes. He has sat on the industry committees that wrote the crane specs for the steel industry, written articles, and taught professional architects and engineers about the special requirements to be aware of when designing buildings that will house overhead cranes.

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