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  1. Keep your target audience in mind AT ALL TIMES and write your content for their wants and needs. Make sure to give them the information on who, what, where, when, why and how.
  2. Readability: Don�t use too much jargon or technical language. Write in clear, simple, layman�s terms or your target audience won�t know what you are talking about!
  3. Take the time to do thorough research on your keywords and keyword phrases. (Use a tool like WordTracker to help you.)
  4. Be specific. If you run a travel site specializing in European guided tours, then your keywords should be more specific than simply "travel" or "Europe." Broad keywords are very competitive�you have a better chance at a higher ranking with specific phrases.
  5. Know your competition. If they rank above you in search engine results, you may have something to learn from them! View their source code and consider their keywords, meta tags, etc.
  6. Create effective page titles. Be succinct (less than75 characters) but include as many keywords as possible. Do NOT use the same title for every page.
  7. Use formatting to your advantage. Elements such as bold/italic type and bulleted lists not only make your copy much easier for your readers to navigate but also makes search spiders assign a higher value to your words. Just don�t go overboard!
  8. A site map is a valuable tool because it creates a single document with a link to every other page on your site. This will increase the likelihood that search spiders will index all pages of your site.
  9. Don�t be too quick to change your copy if you are not receiving the results you expected right away. Give your text a few months to help your site climb the rankings. Re-evaluate if your site is stagnant for a long period of time.
  10. If you feel uncomfortable with any of the above, ask a professional for help!

Howard Irizarry is the Director of Marketing & Public Relations at Miles Computer Forensics, the leader in Forensic and Technology Consulting, offering nationwide service to law firms, government agencies, regulators, corporations and their general counsel. Visit our Marketing & Public Relations website at for more information or call us at (800)496-8001.

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