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Aviation Safety Nursing Consultant Helen Zienkievicz

Cabin Safety Consultants
Helen Zienkievicz
Aviation Safety Consultant
2119 Riverwalk Drive, #134
Moore OK 73160
phone: 405-367-8025
fax: 866-317-1844
Helen Zienkievicz has the unique experience of longevity and active engagement in two fields of expertise, Aviation Safety and Nursing. Ms. Zienkievicz has held, and continues to hold, a multitude of positions in both of these industries. She currently offers consulting services in Aviation Safety Training and Practices related to Flight Attendants and Customer Service Agents.

During her 29 year career with United Airlines, Ms. Zienkievicz has held a number of positions including Manager of Health, Safety & Security for the flight attendant division, Senior In-Flight Safety Investigator, Emergency Procedures Instructor for flight attendants and pilots, Station Manager, flight attendant and customer service supervisor and occupational nurse practitioner at a large hub station.

Career Highlights:
  • Chairperson to the first major US carrier Aviation Safety Action Program for flight attendants
  • Co-developing a corporate cross-divisional Passenger Incident Review Committee to review events involving passenger misconduct directed at ground, cabin or flight crew members
  • Onboard Service Project Lead for United’s Aero-medical reconfiguration
  • Member of the Air Transport Association Cabin Operations Committee
Ms. Zienkievicz holds a Masters Degree in Nursing Education and Research and is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. Her areas of nursing experience include Cardiac and Neurosurgical Critical Care, Occupational Health, Nursing Education and Hospice Care. She is qualified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and belongs to a multitude of nursing-related organizations.

Ms. Zienkievicz has been engaged to speak at FAA Safety Conferences, World Airline Training Symposium (WATS), Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) Annual Safety Conference, Air Transport Association Cabin Ops Committee, US Marshal's JPATs Training and other forums.

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