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Biotechnology Consultant Lydia Contreras

Lydia M. Contreras, PhD
Principal Investigator
Dept. of Chemical Engineering, UT-Austin
Austin TX 78757
phone: 512-471-2453
Contreras Lab works at the interface of RNA Biology and Systems Biology to solve complex problems in medicine and biotechnology. They apply fundamental concepts that emerge from experimental (and computational) work to develop novel applications that could beneficially impact human health and biotechnology.

Clients have included:
  • Companies interested in measuring the effect of devices on reducing cellular toxicity from pollutants
  • Companies interested in new technologies for designing/engineering microbial systems to produce new chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical companies looking at nucleic acid drug target candidates to help design better drugs against these targets
  • Government agencies to judge the potential impact of proposals on bioinformatics methods and biotechnologies
Lydia M. Contreras, PhD, is a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineer and Principal Investigator at The University of Texas at Austin Department of Chemical Engineering.

Dr. Contreras was an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow of Infectious Diseases elected by the Division of Developmental Genetics and Bioinformatics at Wadsworth Center-New York State Dept. of Health in Albany, NY. She received training at the world renowned RNA institute in Vienna in Nucleic Acid Biochemistry.

Dr. Contreras' research focuses on innovating in vivo technologies to understand and design cellular regulation patterns in living systems (e.g. microbes and human cell models) for enhanced production of chemicals, as well as for novel biomarkers of environmental cellular toxicity and biomedical applications.

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