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Education Consultant Richard Swanson

Richard L. Swanson, PhD
785 Tucker Road
Suite G-154
Tehachapi CA 93561
phone: 530-277-9603
Richard L. Swanson, PhD is a former School Administrator, Principal and Superintendent with over 39 years of experience in Education. Dr. Swanson effectively leads school districts through Crisis Recovery Issues, including Major Fires, Suicide, Sexual Harassment, and Fiscal Fraud. He has dedicated his educational career to turning around troubled school districts and managing problematic situations, compliant programs and effective anti-bullying practices.

For Educators - Anti-Harassment & Title IX Legislation: The recently passed Seth’s Law, in California, and recent Dear Colleague Letters from the Office of Civil Rights have expanded the definition of sexual harassment and how a district should respond to it. Dr. Richard Swanson is the administrator who, with the guidance of the Office of Civil Rights and the United States Department of Justice, helped the school district most closely associated with these new rules, Tehachapi Unified, to respond to the issues identified and re-write the Board policies to incorporate the new Department Of Justice and Office of Civil Rights requirements and now provide a national model for responding to this type of harassment.

Consulting Services for Educators:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Title IX Anti-Bullying Training
  • Workshops in Title IX Compliance
  • Crisis Leadership Training
  • Moral and Ethical Development Workshops
  • Fiscal Recovery
  • Community Involvement and Partnerships
  • Effective Ethics in Leadership
For Parents - The Ultimate Educators: Dr. Swanson has spent almost 25 years as an educator working with students and parents. Dr. Swanson also holds a masters degree in Educational Psychology, a Community College Counselor’s Credential and California Credentials in both teaching and administration. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on, “Values and the Moral Development Process.” He works with some of the brightest and some of the most difficult students, having worked with continuation high school students, gifted students and special education students at all grade levels. Dr. Swanson's many years of both academic training and direct hands-on professional involvement has given him invaluable experience that he willingly shares with parents and children who work with him and attend his workshop and lectures.

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