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Machine Guarding Consultant Aron Olson

Aron Olson, PE
Mechanical Engineering Consultant
Mail: PO Box 1608
Visit: 7805 Saint Andrews Road
Irmo SC 29063
phone: 888- 827-7823 / 803-732-6600
fax: 803-732-7576

Aron Olson, PE, holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of South Carolina and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Packaging Science from Clemson University. Aron is a CMSE®-Certified Machine Safety Expert and is a member of the ASTM International F13 Committee on Pedestrian / Walkway Safety and Footwear. He is also a skilled user of Solid Works and other computer aided design software. Background Experience - Mr. Olson has a background in Engineering Design with over six years of experience as a mechanical engineer and machine designer in the gas turbine and medical device industries. He has designed both end-user products and production machinery. His areas of emphasis are machine safeguarding, machinery analysis, and three dimensional imaging. Mr. Olson investigates personal injury, product liability, and property damage claims and losses involving machinery and equipment in both manufacturing and construction environments. He is experienced with collecting and processing three dimension images of machinery, building interiors and exteriors including structural collapse scenes, fire scenes, vehicles and other scenes and objects related to the forensic analysis of personal injury and property claims. Areas of Expertise:

  • Codes and Standards Research
  • Machine Design and Safeguarding
  • Risk Assessment
  • 3D Scan Imaging