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Medical File Review Consultant Stephen Chin

Stephen D. Chin, MD, FACEP
Burlingame CA 94010
phone: 650-224-7873
fax: 650-228-7367
Stephen-Chin-Medical-File-Review-Expert .jpg
In Depth Documentation Excellence offers thorough File Review Analysis reading between the lines of what is written and what is not to clarify the picture painted by the medical record. Their services include:
  • Documentation Evaluation and Optimization - Thorough documentation analysis to determine opportunities for improvement both in billing and risk management. Education on how best to work within your own documentation system or electronic health record to ensure you optimize your billing and minimize your risk
  • Health, Life and Disability File Reviews - Detailed forensic evaluation of the medical record and associated case files to determine merit
Principal, Stephen D. Chin, MD, FACEP, is an experienced Emergency Physician with an expertise in Quality Assurance and Risk Management through optimization of documentation and effecting behavioral change among providers.

Dr. Chin currently is currently an Emergency Department Provider at Alta Bates Medical Center. He also serves as an Urgent Care Provider and Cimro Peer Review Panelist.

For 12 years, Dr. Chin served as the Documentation Quality Assurance Expert at Berkeley Emergency Medical Group where he discovered many errors and omissions common in the provider charting and educated them to modify their documentation habits in order to optimize billing and reimbursement for the care provided, while minimizing legal risk through thoroughly documenting that standards of care were met. Additionally, he conducts medical quality assurance file review for the Medical Board of California.

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