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Structural Engineering Consultant Carl Josephson

Carl Josephson, SE
Principal Structural Engineer
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phone: 858-558-2181
Josephson-Werdowatz & Associates(JWA), founded in 1988 and with licenses in thirteen states, has provided Structural Design and Construction Defect investigations/evaluations in ten states across the Western United States from Texas to Hawaii.

JWA Services:
  • Structural Engineering Services - JWA offers full structural engineering services for the design of commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential projects
  • Investigation Services - In addition to traditional design services, JWA has conducted structural investigations on literally thousands of buildings throughout the Western United States. Their investigations have been conducted for insurance adjusters, property managers, homeowner associations, developers, and building owners, to name a few
  • Graphics / Multimedia Services - JWA incorporates a variety of graphics tools to best meet their clients needs including inventive multimedia presentations, 2d and 3d stills, physical models, and computer models to simplify complex concepts
Principal, Carl H. Josephson, SE, has over 35 years of Structural Engineering experience. He is active in numerous professional organizations and has served as the Structural Engineer member of the California Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists.

Principal Structural Engineer at JW&A, Mr. Josephson and his team provide special studies, investigations, code review and analysis, and have conducted structural investigations on 1,000s of buildings throughout the Western United States for a diverse group of clients.

Josephson-Werdowatz & Associates, Inc. Office Locations:
  • San Diego Office
    6370 Lusk Blvd., Suite F200
    San Diego, CA 92121-2753
    Telephone: 858-558-2181
    Facsimile: 858-558-2188
  • Las Vegas Office
    3753 Howard Hughes Parkway, Suite 200
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89169-0952
    Telephone: 702-733-6500
    Facsimile: 702-733-6555
    • Scottsdale Office
      15849 North 71st Street, Suite 100
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85254-2179
      Telephone: 480-945-5337
      Facsimile: 480-945-5499
  • Sacramento Office
    770 L Street, Suite 950
    Sacramento, California 95814-3361
    Telephone: 916-242-833
    Facsimile: 916-242-8332

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