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Architecture Construction Expert Witness Francis Stanisz

Francis A. Stanisz, AIA, CPC
1497 S. Fairfax Street
Denver CO 80222
phone: 720-314-2256

Francis Stanisz, AIA, CPC, has 35+ years experience as a licensed Architect and General Contractor. Mr. Stanisz's experience includes the architectural design of numerous projects including restaurants, office buildings, recreational buildings, and financial institutions. He is responsible for the construction of projects totaling in excess of $50 million dollars. He is adept at contract negotiations, loan agreements, lease agreements, hiring and coordination of architectural and engineering services, construction management, and all development management. Litigation Support - Having also been a real estate developer for 10 years, Mr. Stanisz offers a broad perspective with respect to architecture and construction litigation. He has worked on behalf of architects, general contractors, subcontractors, and real estate developers in several states, including Maryland, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Missouri, North Dakota, and Montana. He has the ability to work throughout the continental United States. Mr. Stanisz has provided investigation, reports, and testimony in over 150 cases including

  • Architect Standard of Care
  • Construction Defects
  • Contractor / Developer Standard of Care
  • Design / Build
  • Job Site Safety

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