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Forensic Computer Expert Johnette Hassell

Johnette Hassell
141 Robert E. Lee Blvd.,Suite 108
New Orleans LA 70124-2534
phone: 504-483-0201
Electronic Evidence Retrieval provides computer forensic, e-discovery, & software intellectual property services nationwide.

EER President Dr. Johnette Hassell, a recognized expert in computer forensics, e-discovery, & software IP, has more than 30 years experience in litigation support & consulting. She also provides seminars for attorneys and clients on computer forensics and e-discovery.

EER assists in all stages of case building, including:

• Determining if a suspect computer is likely to yield useful data

• Drafting appropriate language for/assisting in preparing and responding to, interrogatories and RFPs

• Preparing for Rule 26 conferences and Markman hearings

• Recovering and analyzing data that is accessible only through forensic techniques

• Evaluating “substantial similarity” and validity & infringement in software copyright & patent matters

• Evaluating electronic document authenticity

• Preparing court reports & expert testimony

When the Lieutenant on a television show--usually at a murder scene--says, "Get forensics in here!" the viewer knows what to expect.

Discovery. Law schools teach the importance of, and methods for, effective discovery. However, in today's world, discovery regularly involves electronic information, a specialized field not generally addressed in law school