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Materials Engineering Expert Witness Luis Carney

Luis R. Carney, PhD, PE
11977 Marbon Meadows Dr.
Jacksonville FL 32223
phone: 904-233-3660
Dr. Luis R. Carney, PE, is an active Metallurgist and Licensed Professional Engineer (FL) with 28+ years of experience in failure analysis and accident investigation.

Dr. Carney developed his analytical and communication skills working for the United States Navy (aviation & industrial). For nearly three decades he has been tasked with solving thousands of critical and challenging technical problems of national and international significance. He has personally conducted over 700 failure analyses and consulted in hundreds more.

As President and Technical leader of Southeastern Metallurgy, Dr. Carney brings the same level of dedication, professionalism and service to his clients. His priorities are to quickly and scientifically identify the root cause(s) of failure, document findings and provide clients with clear, defensible opinions. He recognizes that technical opinions must be understandable by lay persons.

Litigation Support - Dr. Carney accepts cases from a wide variety of industries and is particularly skilled at analyzing transportation, mechanical and industrial incidents and accidents. Dr. Carney's services are available to attorneys for plaintiff and defendant and include written reports, depositions, and trial testimony as needed. The initial case evaluation is free.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Transportation Accidents
  • Mechanical Devices of Any Kind
  • Aviation Structures
  • Heat/Fire/Lightning Damage
  • Turbine Engine Failures
  • Steels/Superalloys/Al/Ti/Ni/Co
  • Polymers/Composites
  • Fatigue
  • Corrosion
  • Stress Corrosion
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Propellers
  • Piston Engines
  • Embrittlement
  • Weld Defects
  • Machining Errors
  • Improper Design
  • Manufacturing Errors
  • Overload
  • Wear
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