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7/17/2020· All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV / UTV)

Vehicle Hydraulic System Flaw: Breach of Contract Lawsuit for Axle Supplier

By: Richard L. Hall

An axle and transmission manufacturer was embattled is a lawsuit claiming breach of contract due to lack of performance of their axles. These axles were installed on a line of rough terrain, material handling equipment; equipment designed specifically to transport construction materials around rugged, undeveloped jobsites.


7/17/2020· Remote Sensing Image / Satellite Data Analysis

Remote Sensing, Railroad Wildfires, and the Ranches

By: David G. Koger

Year after year, their crops, livestock, equipment, barns, out buildings and fences went up in smoke. With nothing left to sell, they reinvested what money they did have (and borrowed) to replace it all. What they could not do—at any cost—was restore fragile habitats and native grasses, which had been groomed and guarded over for generations.


7/10/2020· Trusts & Estates

When Is A Trustee Liable To The Trust Beneficiaries?

By: John A. Rodgers, III, Esq

In the dispute resolution process concerning personal trust relationships quite often the question of trustee responsibility and potential liability is raised and litigated.


6/27/2020· Regulations and Codes Standards

Problems With Citing Pipeline Codes And Regulations As The Basis For A Class Action Complaint

By: Bryan Melan, PE

Regulations are mandatory rules to follow developed by agencies of the executive branch of the federal or state government. Often these rules are mandated by legislation and assigned to the appropriate executive agency to develop the details for compliance to achieve the results mandated in the legislation. Enforcement, often involving penalties for noncompliance, is the remit of the sponsoring executive agency.


6/12/2020· Psychology

Law Enforcement Fitness for Duty Evaluations: The Definitive Guide

By: Dr. Emin Gharibian

Fitness for Duty Evaluations have become more common for public safety positions. Courts throughout the United States have ruled that due to the level of trust and power given law enforcement officers, law enforcement agencies have a responsibility to ensure that officers are fit to perform their duties.


5/28/2020· Remote Sensing Image / Satellite Data Analysis

Satellite Image Analysis: Why Half Of The House Fell Into The Lake

By: David G. Koger

On a warm summer evening, the earth gave way and half of a beautiful resort home fell into the lake. Was it caused by a geological fault? Were other homeowners in danger?


5/22/2020· Automotive - Vehicular

Drivers v. Robots: The Starting Five (Part 5)

By: Ned Einstein

The consequences of robots provide a stark contrast to the glistening, beautifully designed, brilliantly engineered, clean fuel-burning, energy-efficient vehicles displayed on the pages of NATIONAL BUS TRADER and other trade magazines. They are often creatively-deployed in well-marketed services, often optimizing both safety and comfort instead of trading one for the other


5/22/2020· Ethics / Ethical Duties

Financial Advisors: What Is A Fiduciary And Why Does It Matter?

By: Marguerita Cheng

When selecting a financial advisor, people are often confronted with a seemingly simple yet undeniably important question: What is a fiduciary and why does it matter?


5/14/2020· Trusts & Estates

The Fiduciary Duties And Responsibilities Of A Trustee And Executor

By: John A. Rodgers, III, Esq

A trust relationship brings with it 5 fundamental duties: 1) duty to be generally prudent, 2) duty to act and carry out the terms of the trust, 3) duty to be loyal to the trust – honesty and good faith, 4) duty to give personal attention to the trust, 5) duty to account to the beneficiaries.


5/12/2020· Ethics / Ethical Duties

Ethical Issues Are Too Often Ignored By Medical Experts

By: Francois Sestier, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FACC, CIME

Medical experts are sometimes perceived as mercenaries, selling their opinion for money. This has been favoured by the adversarial judicial system in North America with medical experts on both the sides of the Court Room. Medical experts too often believe firmly that their main duty is to help the requesting party to win their case.

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