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10/5/2019· Exercise Equipment

Exercise Ball Explodes and Injures Professional Athlete

By: Dr. Kenneth H. Brown

One day, while doing his weightlifting routine on the exercise ball in the sauna, the exercise ball exploded, sending Leo onto the ground in an awkward position, with the 200 pound barbell landing on top of his shoulder. Leo’s shoulder was separated and required surgery to repair the damage.


8/12/2019· Fires & Explosions

Fire At Food Processing Plant Causes Major Damages

By: Dr. Kenneth H. Brown

A batch of 100 pound boxes of packaged seasoning mix produced was left in the processor's warehouse overnight and was found to be smoldering in the morning. The pallet of smoldering 100-pound poly-boxes of the seasoning blend was moved to just outside the building, whereupon it ignited and engulfed in flames the nearby outside stored drums of other food products, ultimately causing the building itself to catch fire. The entire building and its contents burned to the ground, causing loss exceeding $2 million dollars worth of product and total loss of the building.

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