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7/1/2001· Professional Skills

Art Of Communication: Perception, Image And Body Language, And First Impression

By: Mary Duane Arden

Perception: Dictionary definition: An immediate or intuitive recognition....As of a moral or esthetic quality, cognition. How do we perceive? Well this has been the subject of a dialogue between philosophers and intellectuals from all the different disciplines for thousands of years

3/26/2001· Professional Skills

The Secrets of Those Who Love Their Work: How people are thriving and finding the right work despite the challenges of the new workplace

By: Dr. Pat Gill Weber

Today's workplace is a challenging one. At a party the other night I was talking with a new friend who was communicating her subtle unhappiness with the large corporation she worked for. During a meeting, one of my clients began discussing the insecurity she and others in her company feel due to organizational changes and the transitional nature of her industry

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