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It's a widely used language that makes the web what it is today, allowing for websites to be more responsive, dynamic, and interactive. Disabling JavaScript takes websites back to a time when they were simple documents without any other features.

What are the advantages of using JavaScript?

Speed. Since JavaScript is an 'interpreted' language, it reduces the time required by other programming languages like Java for compilation. JavaScript is also a client-side script, speeding up the execution of the program as it saves the time required to connect to the server.

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Moving Business Forward with Technology Advisory Services

By: Prolifogy Software & Consulting
Tel: (855) PROLIFOGY

The situation: you have invested an enormous amount of money and company resources in developing software solutions to address client needs. Regardless of the size of your company, every dollar counts and you want to know that your investment today will ultimately produce a fast, modern, scalable, and correct software solution that will still be usable tomorrow with tomorrow's technology. Your software developers are bright and talented, but do not have a wide industry exposure, research experience, or the appropriate depth of technology knowledge to help your decision makers guide the company's technology strategy, or even justify the investment for that matter.

If this dilemma sounds familiar, that's because you're not alone.

The fact is that most software is not designed from the outset to withstand the stresses and loads consistent with the usage we envision only in our dreams. Most software packages are initially designed to handle what seems reasonable at the time they were conceived. Facebook, which was initially developed in a college dormitory, comes to mind. If the software solution in question happens to succeed, the thinking goes, then one can deal with issues of expansion when the time comes. However, putting off too many important decisions until later can cost much more money in the end if the initial decisions weren't informed. There is no shortage of horror stories to remind us all of this fact.

Although applications need not realize their full potential at the very beginning, they must at least be capable of reaching it. Applications must be designed to handle expansion when the time comes, and also at the right pace. The world constantly races to embrace new technology quickly. Embracing it too quickly, however, may result in a less robust application, incompatibility with other technologies, poor user experiences, or obsolescence of the overall application before the new technology reaches maturity or acceptance. The truth is that all of these outcomes cost money, either directly or indirectly.

On the other end of the spectrum, companies that don't keep pace and adopt new technology fast enough may find themselves forced into abrupt and costly software redesign efforts motivated not by innovation, but by running away from so-called burning technology platforms. Success in the technology space is therefore not just about making right choices, but making them at the right time.

Prolifogy technology advisory services provide Prolifogy clients with clear information and solid opinions on the most current technology insights and advancements. This includes extremely clear and actionable guidance that company management can utilize to make informed business decisions. Although nobody can predict the future, it is a fact that today's research becomes tomorrow's technology. That's why top companies throughout the world trust Prolifogy's staff of Ph.D. software research experts and industry veterans to provide sound advice and strategy guidance for projects and situations of all sizes. Prolifogy associates boast an average 20 years of hands-on experience, involvement in industry activities, state-of-the-art research, and participation in leadership roles.

Prolifogy Software & Consulting, offers Premium Software Consulting Services provided by industry leading experts. Today's software users expect and demand software that is more intelligent, interactive, usable, and reliable than ever before, over a backdrop of continuously evolving technology spanning a range of platforms.

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