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Deposition Designation Station

Forensic Engineering Expert Frank Loeffler

Frank J. Loeffler Jr.
20511 Highland Lake Drive
Lago Vista TX 78645
phone: 512-267-8700
fax: 512-267-2547
Design and Forensic Engineering for Conveyors and Bulk Materials Handling Systems, We specialize in the design of materials handling systems and conveyors of various types including: belt, roller, slider, overland, pipe, steep angle, screw, drag, bucket elevators and pneumatic. We also design the specialty mobile machines, (track, rail, and wheel mounted) such as: stackers, reclaimers, snow loaders, mobile screening plants, self-unloading trains, self-unloading ships, ship unloaders and shiploaders. Our clients are both Plaintiffs and Defendants.

Some of the standards considered are: Belt Conveyor Manufacturers Association – CEMA, Safety Standard for Conveyors ASME B20.1,OSHA & MSHA

Areas of Expertise:
  • Conveyor Fires and Explosions
  • Conveyor Guarding
  • Conveyor Injuries
  • Conveyor Product Liability
  • Restraint of Trade
  • Patent Infringement
  • Real Estate Asset Appraisal Conveyor Systems
  • Antitrust
8/24/2011 · Mining
BELT CONVEYORS ARE BEING USED TO HANDLE TOP SOIL, overburden and ore within many of today's strip mines. In addition, belt systems are being used more frequently in connecting the pit limits to the process point or rail loading area.

7/6/2011 · Mining
This paper discusses how bed blending systems can be applied to the utilization of fossil fuels. The subjects of quality control and available stacking and reclaiming equipment are also explored along with a case history of bed blending at Utah International Corporation's Navajo Mine.

2/6/2010 · Conveyor Belts
For more than 100 years the troughed belt conveyor has been used to transport bulk materials. Its success has been attributed to its relatively low capital cost, high degree of reliability and availability, and low operating and maintenance costs. The only significant problems with conventional conveyors have occurred at transfer points when