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Kenneth J. Shorter, CSP
Certified Safety Professional
5916 Foxhall Manor Drive
Baltimore MD 21228
phone: 410-564-7698
Kenneth J. Shorter, MS, CSP, ARM, TCDS has over 30 years of experience planning and managing Construction and Demolition Safety for local, national, and international companies, including an extensive range of projects from rapid transit systems, airports, highways, hospitals, and landfills to tunnels, bridges, marine projects, and underground utility systems. He recently directed safety for the $1.3 billion expansion of the Bethesda Naval Hospital.

Throughout his career, Mr. Shorter has been responsible for investigating and explaining why a wide range of complex accidents happened and how they could have been prevented. Mr. Shorter has his Masters Degree in Safety and Professional Certifications in Safety, Risk Management, and Traffic Control Design. He is a member of the ANSI A10 Committee for the Safety of Construction and Demolition Operations which produces the national consensus safety standards for the industry. His expertise extends beyond OSHA to the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, ANSI, NFPA, and a wide range of other consensus standards.

A highly qualified Expert, Kenneth Shorter provides litigation support services for both Plaintiff and Defense.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Construction, Demolition, and Temporary Traffic Control
  • Tunnels, Rapid Transit Systems, Highway, Bridge, Building, Marine, and Underground Utility Construction and Demolition
  • Falls, Confined Spaces, Electrical
  • Cranes, Forklifts, Earthmoving, Paving, Trenching, Shoring, Scaffolding, Aerial Lift, Pile Driving, Marine
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Jon J. Pina, MS, CSP
368 Rt. 110
Indiana PA 15701
phone: 724-349-7029
fax: 724-349-3540
Jon J. Pina has over thirty years of experience in Safety Management, Loss Prevention, Consultation for Demolition, Construction, Coal, Chemical, Steel and Hazardous Waste Operations.

Mr. Pina's experience includes Construction Manager, Chemical Plant Operator, Plant Maintenance and Union Pipefitter. He is an independent consultant and is presently on the faculty of Indiana University of PA Safety Science. Mr. Pina has also taught environmental, earth and space science for five years in the Pennsylvania public school system.

Areas of Expertise
  • OSHA Safety & Health
  • Environmental
  • Asbestos
  • Demolition
  • Construction Management
  • Slip, Trip,& Falls
  • Fire/Explosion Prevention
  • Chemical Plant Operations & Maintenance
  • Defensive Driver
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • OSHA, EPA and DOT Regulations
3/13/2015 · OSHA
Case Synopsis: The Plaintiff was diagnosed with mesothelioma. The Plaintiff alleged he was exposed to asbestos from boilers at his high school gym, a private school, where the Defendants supplied the boilers and did the plumbing and heating work. The basis of the Plaintiff s claim is that he alleged he was exposed to dust in the gym. There was no evidence that the dust in the gym contained asbestos fibers and there is no proof that Defendant handled asbestos and certainly no proof that they introduced asbestos into the alleged construction dust. The boilers were located in the basement, in a separate room, and were there during the 1967-68 construction work.

2/6/2015 · Construction
Case Synopsis: The Plaintiff, an independent, was injured when he was struck by a pile of concrete forms that fell on him as he was attempting to manually adjust the straps that secured the forms on his flatbed truck. The load of concrete forms were stacked on his truck by the Defendant's forklift operator as a favor to help the Plaintiff remove his materials from the construction site. The Plaintiff blamed the Defendant for improperly stacking the forms on his truck.

Case Synopsis: Two construction company employees were working on a flat canopy roof when they fell through it and landed approximately 20-25 feet below onto a brick surface at a casino renovation site. Both men suffered injuries as a result of the roof collapse they were working on. They fell through the roof of an existing roof/canopy covering a walkway leading out of a pedestrian tunnel.

The plaintiff, an employee (housekeeper) of XYZ Co. tripped over a sack of concrete mix while taking out garbage during the second shift. The injuries were severe enough to prevent the employee from ever returning to her job or any job.

1/2/2010 · OSHA
The plaintiff, an experienced truck driver working for a new transportation company, drove his rig into a facility to unload the contents. After unloading his tanker, he hooked up the complimentary automatic rinsing apparatus, provided by the receiving facility (host).

Analysis of a case where the The forklift operator, an employee of a steel mill, was fatally injured when a Euclid R25 off-road rear dump truck backed into him as he drove an industrial forklift. He was killed as he was crushed from the weight of his 5,000 pound forklift as it was struck and overturned by the dump truck.

1/2/2010 · OSHA
Analysis of a case where the plaintiff, a truck driver attempted to unload a polyethylene drum of a chemical, weighing approximately 700 pounds, from a pallet placed on the trailer bed by a facility forklift operator.

Analysis of a case where the plaintiff was injured when he fell approximately fifteen feet while attempting to remove temporary light fixtures. He fell from an elevated mezzanine at a construction project and landed on a concrete floor. The plaintiff was walking in an unauthorized area, referred to as the Controlled Access Zone (CAZ), to all employees the defendant who was placing floor grid pieces in place from underneath with the aid of a scissor man lift.

1/2/2010 · OSHA
The plaintiff's estate, filed lawsuit for the death of a company official that was killed from a fall when the stairs collapsed in a building he was walking through to observe existing asbestos containing materials, in preparation to complete a bid.

Analysis of a case where the contracted scaffolding crew came on in the evening to remove the scaffolding from a ten story boiler of a southern paper mill that they had installed at the beginning of a scheduled outage. The boiler tubes had been inspected and the management of the mill gave the order to remove the scaffolding and prepare for startup.

1/2/2010 · OSHA
Analysis of a case where the plaintiff, an engineer doing boiler flue stack gas sampling/analyzing, ran backwards as he was winding up his plastic tubing and fell into an open storm water ditch that received hot water from a boiler continuous blow down line.

12/31/2009 · OSHA
Analysis of a case where the plaintiff, an employee of a residential contractor, was seriously injured from electrical shock when he contacted an overhead 7,200 volt electrical line while handling the rigging cable from a hydraulic boom crane operated by another contractor.

Analysis of a case involving a plaintiff who was injured when he was struck by a scissor lift in tight quarters as he was in the process of framing and installing dry wall at a construction site

12/31/2009 · OSHA
Analysis of a case where the plaintiff, a laborer working for an asbestos removal contractor, was injured when he fell while removing transite, asbestos containing concrete siding panels, from a barn.

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David Kassekert
4017 Washington Road #344
McMurray (Pittsburgh) PA
phone: 866-344-7606
Keystone Logo

Keystone Engineering Consultants, Inc. is a multi-discipline, broad-spectrum firm providing comprehensive and qualified forensic engineering, architecture, scientific, and fire/arson investigation expert services to the legal community, insurance industry, and the public and private sectors.

A professional evaluation by any of our 40+ professionals and consultants can help solve problems in a cost-effective way. We listen to the needs of our clients and offer unbiased, ethical, and professional opinions backed by education, experience and scientific testing.

We are available for consultation and review of the factual information involved with a case to determine the worthiness of the matter prior to committing to a full investigation.

Areas of Expertise / Practice Include: Accident Reconstruction; A/E Professional Liability; Amusement Park Rides; Aviation Issues; Biomechanics; Blasting, Quarry and Construction Explosions; Building Condition Assessments; Chemical, Civil, and Electrical Engineering; Geotechnical, Industrial, and Mechanical Engineering; Structural Engineering; Commercial Claims; Construction Accidents/Disputes/Failures; Electrical Systems and Controls, Electrocutions and Shocks; Elevators & Escalators; Environmental Issues; Fire, Explosion and Arson Investigations; Fire Prevention; Forensic Architecture; Hazardous Materials; Health and Safety Issues; Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning; Human Factors; Indoor Air Quality and Mold Investigations; Industrial Safety, Ladders and Scaffolds; Machine Guarding and Safety; Material Failure Analysis; Motor Vehicle Crashes; Non-Destructive Testing; Playgrounds, Parks, Health Clubs and Recreational Facilities; Personal Injury; Premises Liability; Product Liability; Property Damage; Roadway Design Issues; Slips, Trips and Falls; Subrogation; and Toxicology.

Offices serving Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware
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Ronald Tyson
565 N. Ortonville Road
Ortonville MI 48462
phone: (248) 230–9561
fax: (248) 230–8476
BUILDING & PREMISES EXPERT, Review and research to render opinions on correct building codes and life-safety standards concerning construction, ADA & OSHA issues. Opinions on causation & foreseeability, licensed builder with many years of subcontracting & general contracting [hands-on] experience. Plaintiff and Defense attorney clients. Continuing education studies. Never disqualified in over 200 times in court. Addressing allegations of Building Mold, Faulty Construction, Failure to disclose, Personal Injury, Manufactured Housing & other construction issues and Condominium claims. Addressing breach of contract issues. Ronald Tyson 248.230.9561 fax 248.230.8476