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Real Estate: Title Surveys Expert Witnesses

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Eugene R. (Gene) McCullough
5608 Villa Road
Knoxville TN 37918
phone: 865-310-7842
Eugene R. (Gene) McCullough has been a Licensed Attorney for 36 years and acquired over 30 years of experience in the Title Insurance Industry. He began his career as a title and escrow closing agent and handled searches of the public records, examination of titles, evaluation of title risks, production of policies, and management of escrow functions.

In 1983, as assistant general counsel for a multistate underwriter, he personally handled underwriting, claims, business development, and senior level underwriter administration as President of several different multistate Title Insurance Underwriters.

Litigation Support - Since 2012, Mr. McCullough has been providing consultant and expert witness services to attorneys representing insureds, Underwriters and professional liability carriers across the United States. Reports issued and deposition testimony given have ranged from standards of care for title agents, interpretation of policy and CPL language, evaluation of compliance with duties to defend, and timing for assessment of damages.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Title Insurance
  • CPL
  • Insured Closing Letters
  • Escrow Closings / Instructions
  • Survey Defects
  • Defalcation
  • Fraud
  • Timeshare
  • Agency Bad Faith
  • Title Searches
  • Title Examination
  • Defense
  • Damages
  • Policy Contract Interpretation
  • Standard of Care
  • E&O Coverage
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    James D. Wamble, PE, RLS
    PE, RLS
    40 Middleton Street
    Nashville TN 37210
    phone: 615-251-9555
    fax: 615-251-9034
    James D. Wamble, PE, RLS has over 30 years of experience as a Professional Civil Engineer and Registered Land Surveyor. During the course of his career, Mr. Wamble has worked on land planning, land surveying, or civil engineering projects in all counties of the middle and west Tennessee regions, and several counties in east Tennessee.

    Mr. Wamble has offered litigation support services as an expert witness in cases since 1976. In the last four years, he has testified 12 times in 8 lawsuits. These litigation cases include land planning, land surveying, and civil engineering issues. Mr. Wamble has experience with depositions, trials, hearings, and arbitrations.

    Expert Witness Services Include:
    • Research
    • Site Inspections
    • Engineering Analysis
    • Land Surveys
  • Survey and Civil Engineering Drawings
  • Investigation
  • Report Writing
  • Exhibit Preparation
  • Areas of Expertise:

    • Civil Engineering: Design of grading, drainage, utilities, roads, lakes, dams, detention basins, parking lots, shopping centers, subdivisions, apartments, condominiums, planned unit developments, specific plans, industrial parks, mobile home parks, mini warehouses, hotels and office building site plans; flood, drainage, and utility studies; low impact design; financial developability and constructability analysis of proposed developments; preparation of cost estimates; assisting clients in setting project budgets; designing projects to contain cost within determined project budget; construction project management, inspection, administration, and processing of contractors’ pay requests
    • Land Surveying: Topographic, Route, Land, Boundary, Utilities, Aerial ground control, Engineering design, and Construction Surveys
    • Land Planning: Land use/development feasibility analysis, planning and concept design of residential, commercial, industrial and municipal projects; zone change applications; planned unit development and specific plan applications; site selection consultation; and graphic presentations
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