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Fraud Expert Witnesses

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Victor P. Republicano, Jr., CPA
Director, Litigation Services
875-A Island Drive, Suite 250
Alameda CA 94502
phone: 510-522-7111; cell: 510-219-7111
fax: 510-865-7111
Victor P.
Victor Republicano, Jr., CPA is an accounting and consulting practitioner, who has provided professional services to business owners, corporate management, lawyers and their clients, since 1977.

Mr. Republicano provides assistance in all phases of the litigation process, from strategy sessions early in the dispute, through settlement negotiations, and trial. Among his distinguishing achievements is his Diplomate status from the American Board Forensic Accounting and the American College of Forensic Examiners. Mr. Republicano has extensive experience in providing litigation consulting services and expert testimony in a wide variety of areas. His litigation consulting projects have included damage assessment and analysis, inspection and reconstruction of accounting records, pre-trial preparation, expert testimony, witness preparation, courtroom assistance, and post-trial consultation with counsel. He has served as an expert witness in over 100 cases, including matters in state and federal court, administrative proceedings, and alternative dispute resolution forums.

Mr. Republicano is experienced in small business consulting, accounting and auditing, publicly traded companies, and litigation services. His industry experience includes: Ag-Chem, Construction, Distribution, Financial Institutions, High-Tech, Manufacturing, Network Marketing, Non- Profit Organizations, Professional Services (Architects, Engineers, Law Firms, etc), Securities and Retail. Mr. Republicano has assisted a variety of companies with IPO's, private placements and statutory filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. He also has provided extensive consultations to entrepreneurs and others and other non-public business owners regarding mergers and acquisitions, inventory control systems, credit and collections management, and property lease analyses.

Litigation and Other Services:
  • Accounting
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution (Mediation, Referee, Special Master)
  • Business Valuations
  • Construction Claims
  • Contract Disputes
  • Expert Witness
  • Damage Calculations and Assessment
  • Economic Loss
  • White Collar Crime
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Fraud
  • Insurance Claims
  • Investigative Services (accounting, finance, business and trade practices)
  • Lost Profits
  • Personal Injury
  • Reconstruction of Accounting Records
  • Witness Preparation
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    Richard T. Picciochi
    Forensic Document Examiner
    110 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 104A
    Floral Park NY 11001
    phone: (516) 326-1122
    Richard T.
    Richard T. Picciochi is a Questioned Document Examiner with thirty years of experience in the New York City Police Department Crime Laboratory and in private practice. He is retired from the NYPD Forensic Investigation Division where he was a detective, document examiner and the technical supervisor of the Questioned Document Unit. In the course of his career he has examined thousands of disputed handwriting and document cases, participated in numerous high profile investigations and testified in trials including the "Zodiac" homicides and the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City.

    Mr. Picciochi possesses a background that integrates the academic sciences, applied forensic sciences and law enforcement investigations. He has earned a Master of Science degree in Forensic Science and has received extensive specialized training in questioned document analyses by the NYPD, the FBI and the Secret Service. Mr. Picciochi is a Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners (ABFDE) and was awarded certification upon completion of comprehensive written, practical and oral examinations. He is also a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and the International Association for Identification.

    Mr. Picciochi specializes in the examination of signatures, handwriting and other document problems. He can provide on-site inspections, comprehensive written reports, demonstrative exhibits and expert testimony. Mr. Picciochi will accept civil, criminal and administrative cases and offers his services to both Plaintiff and Defense attorneys.
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    Dr. Andrew Mark Rodgers
    Chiropractic Physician
    530 Main Street, Suite 2
    Fort Lee NJ 07024
    phone: 877-592-1192 or Cell: 201-394-6662
    fax: 201-592-6401
    Dr. Andrew Mark Rodgers, BS, MS, DC, is a National Certifed Chiropractic Expert Witness with over 34 years of experience. He has worked on over 30 malpractice cases on the proper standard of care and has recently testified in 4 cases in the last 3 years. Dr. Rodgers is available for complimentary verbal evaluations, offers expedient affidavits and cost effective testimonies and depositions for chiropractic deviation from standard of care cases nationwide. He represents both Defendant and Plaintiff.

    Areas of Expertise
  • Malpractice cases – proving standard of care and deviations
  • Administrative law, state laws and honest medical protocols and billing procedures
  • Plaintiff/defendant expert witness testimony in trauma cases, motor vehicle cases, workers comp cases and / or slip and fall injuries
  • Insurance fraud
  • Continues very active clinical practice
  • 6/14/2012 · Medical
    There is a standard of care to be followed that dictates the caution that must be exercised when administering medical spinal manipulation. The medical spinal manipulation can be chiropractic, osteopathic or rendered by other medical or non-medical persons all potentially ending in disastrous results.

    4/12/2012 · Medical
    Chiropractors are not the only physicians performing cervical spinal manipulative treatment. Actually, non-professionals, layman, and sports travelers are performing spinal manipulative treatment (SMT). Some people do it to themselves.

    11/12/2011 · Medical
    Stretch your Hamstrings - Lay on your back, thirty times a day in three sets of ten repetitions. Start before getting out of bed, leg straight, circles with your foot.

    12/17/2010 · Medical
    If you’re going to correct subluxations by manual manipulation you should check the integrity of the structures involved and any other co-morbidities, medications, surgeries, etc.

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    Certified Forensic Document Examiner
    1025 Cypress Street
    Abilene TX 79601
    phone: 325-668-7474
    fax: 325-202-2869
    Dr. Joe
    Background: Do you have a forged or altered document? I can promptly and accurately solve your problem. My years of experience can solve cases of forgery, altered numbers, record alteration, graffiti, anonymous writings and poison pen letters. As a Certified Document Examiner I examine and identify signatures, hand printing, handwriting, initials, and numbers. I also study documents made by computer printers, typewriters, and markings on walls, glass, wood or even automobiles. I compare papers, inks, printing, typewriting, computer-generated documents, facsimiles, photocopies, rubber stamps and holes made by a stapler or hole punch.

    I am a forensic document examiner and a certified forensic physician—uniquely combining two scientific disciplines that each help people in need. My special interest is altered medical records, but I examine all types of documents for authentication or alteration. I have ongoing research studies correlating peculiarities in handwriting and health issues. I am the only private document examiner in West Central Texas, but I am available for cases anywhere in the world. If you are a law firm, I'll be glad to fax you a copy of my Curriculum Vitae so you can have it on file next time a forgery case comes across your desk. See my website for additional information or CALL ME NOW!

    Documents Examined:
  • Forged, altered or counterfeit documents
  • Checks, Wills, Deeds, Legal Contracts
  • Insurance Records
  • Court Documents
  • Medical Records
  • Computer-printed or Typewritten Documents
  • Photocopied or Facsimile Documents
  • Latent Impressions

    Services Include:
  • Case preparation consultation
  • On-site examination
  • Laboratory examination and analysis
  • Document photography
  • Preparation of court exhibits
  • Preparation of written reports
  • Deposition or courtroom testimony
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    Dr. Lewis R. Linet, Jr.
    19355 Sherman Way #22
    Reseda CA 91335
    phone: 818 772-6464
    fax: 818-772-6464
    Dr. Lewis R.
    Expert Witness and Case Preparation Services provided for litigation involving Automobile Industry Standards & Practices, specializing in Dealership Operation, relating to Sales, Leasing, Finance, New & Used Cars, Service & Parts. Auto Industry Veteran Since 1978.

  • Fraud
  • Unfair Business Practices
  • Single Document Rule
  • Document Disclosure
  • Spanish Contracts
  • Finance Reserve
  • Payment-Packing
  • Purchase/Lease Flip
  • Rental Disclosure
  • Sales, Closing and Desk Procedures
  • 4-Squares
  • AB-68
  • Deferred Down Payment
  • Regulations M & Z
  • Wholesale Procedures
  • Reconditioning
  • Safety Inspection
  • Title History
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful Death
  • Class Actions
  • Sales & Management Training
  • Song-Beverly Lemon Law
  • American Bar Association
    Los Angeles County Bar Association
    Los Angeles Business & Resale Licenses
    Resume & References upon Request
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    Wendy Carlson
    Forensic Document Examiner
    2850 Shoreline Trail, Suite 130
    Rockwall TX 75032
    phone: 214-458-6009
    fax: 303-265-9087
    Colorado Office:
    1550 Larimer Street, Suite 251
    Denver, CO 80202
    T: 303/330-8636
    F: 303-265-9087
    Texas Office:
    2850 Shoreline Trail, Suite 130
    Rockwall, TX 75032
    T: 214/458-6009
    F: 303-265-9087

    Wendy Carlson, a Forensic Document Examiner, has studied handwriting examination and apprenticed under some of the leading court-qualified Forensic Document Experts in the U.S.A. such as: Bart Baggett, California; Robert Baier, New York and Don Lehew, Texas.

    Ms. Carlson has testified in multiple states and has reviewed hundreds of signatures and handwritings, examined case documents and rendered an opinion on cases in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Las Vegas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, Washington, Washington D.C., London, England, Quebec and British Columbia, Canada. She has also examined documents and rendered opinions in cases written in Arabic, Chinese, English, Korean and Spanish writing.

    Specific Areas of Training:
  • Handwriting Identification and Discrimination
  • Signature Comparison
  • Techniques for Distinguishing Forged Signatures
  • Disguised Handwriting
  • Altered Numbers
  • Anonymous Writing
  • Factors that Affect Writing
  • We appreciate Windle Turley, Esq. for his excellent lecture on "Working with an Expert Witness...the Plaintiff Attorney's Prospective."

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    Ann Mahony
    P.O. Box 475166
    San Francsico CA 94147
    phone: 415-441-0273
    fax: 415-441-0233
    Ann Mahony
    Board Certified Document Examiner; court qualified since 1982; appointed in state and federal courts. Timely turn-around, exhibit prep, consultation and testimony.

    Certification &Proficiency Testing:
    Board Certified, National Association of Document Examiners
    American Institute of Applied Science, Certificate in Document Examination
    Collaborative Testing Services, 085-521 Questioned Document Proficiency

    Areas of Expertise:
    Signatures, handwriting, hand printing, initials
    Alterations, page substitution, latent handwriting impressions
    Paper, watermark, inks, photocopies, computer generated documents
    Mortgage fraud, robo-signing, notary entries
    Wills, deeds, contracts
    Elder fraud, medical records
    Calendars, journal entries
    Anonymous letters, hate mail, graffiti
    Lab includes : IR, UV, ESDA, digital photography

    Professional Affiliations:
    National Association of Document Examiners
    Northern California Fraud Investigators Association
    Forensic Expert witness Association
    American Society for Testing and Materials

    Lectures/Training: Calif Judges Assn; State Bar of Calif; Calif Assn. of Police Training; Northern Calif Fraud Investigators Assn.; Calif. Burglary & Theft Investigators, Safeway; Pacific Bell.

    Services Include:
    Consultation and opinion
    Laboratory examination and analysis
    Document photography
    Preparation of court exhibits
    Preparation of written reports
    Deposition and courtroom testimony
    Review of opposing expert report & preparation of questions
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    Dennis J. Ryan
    Senior Forensic Document Examiner
    1975 Hempstead Turnpike
    Suite 407
    East Meadow NY 11554
    phone: 888-883-1352
    fax: 516-409-0285
    Dennis J.
    Applied Forensics is a state of the art forensic laboratory with offices in New York, Boston, Washington DC, Connecticut, and North Carolina. For over Twenty years, they have been relied upon for expertise in Questioned and Disputed Documents, Handwriting Examination, Forgery, and Signature Verification.

    Applied Forensics' staff of highly qualified forensic document examiners and handwriting experts provide expert analysis of handwriting, signatures, altered documents, anonymous letters, and many other disputed or questioned documents. Their forensic handwriting analysts are expert witnesses, trained in a variety of legal matters including Medical Malpractice, Commercial Litigation, Criminal, Civil, or Administrative Cases, Field Examinations of Disputed Documents, and Probate.

    Complex Source Authentications Cases Include:
    • Document Authentication
    • Ink Analysis
    • Toner Analysis
  • Paper Comparisons
  • Indented, Altered, Erased, Obliterated Writing
  • Print Process Identification
  • Dennis Ryan Forensic Document Examiner Expert PhotoDennis Ryan, Senior Forensic Document Examiner, has been a Board Certified* Forensic Document Examiner for 16 years. He was the Forensic Document Examiner and Laboratory Supervisor for the Nassau County Police Department in New York. Since 1992, Mr. Ryan's private practice has assisted in numerous legal cases pertaining to a variety of disputed or questioned documents. He has provided court qualified expert testimony in various jurisdictions throughout the country. Professional organizations include the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners (ABFDE), the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners (ASQDE), the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS), the Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists (NEAFS), and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

    Laura Mancebo Forensic Document Examiner Expert PhotoLaura Mancebo is a Board Certified Forensic Document Examiner. She is a graduate of John Jay College of Criminal Justice where she earned her bachelor's degree in Forensic Science. Ms. Mancebo is employed by a major metropolitan police department where she has received extensive training in all aspects of Forensic Document Examination. She received supplemental training from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Secret Service. Ms. Mancebo continuously keeps abreast of scientific advances and regularly attends professional meetings. She has also been asked to serve on many occasions as meeting chairperson. Ms. Mancebo is Certified by the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners (ABFDE).

    Traci Moran Forensic Document Examiner Expert PhotoTraci Moran is a Board Certified Forensic Document Examiner. For over 12 years, she was employed as a Forensic Document Examiner by the U.S. Secret Service Forensic Laboratory in Washington, DC. She graduated from George Washington University with a Master of Forensic Science degree, and later returned to teach the Questioned Documents Course in the very same graduate program. Ms. Moran has examined a vast and varied array of questioned documents. She has testified in both State and Federal courts of law around the United States. She is certified by and is a member of the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners (ABFDE). Ms. Moran is also a member and serves on the awards committee of the Mid-Atlantic Association of Forensic Scientists (MAAFS)

    Charlotte Ware Forensic Document Examiner Expert PhotoCharlotte Ware is a Board Certified Forensic Document Examiner who has worked in forensics examination, in both the private sector and various state and federal agencies, since 1998. Her most recent position has been Laboratory Unit Manager for the federal government in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ms. Ware's talent and expertise is diverse and will be put to use at Applied Forensics to conduct forensic examinations, and provide expert testimony for cases relating to handwriting, hand printing and numerals; indented, altered, erased or obliterated writing; typewriting, rubber stamps, notary seals, check writers, printing processes and other mechanical impressions. She holds a Master of Science in Forensic Science from the University of Alabama and has completed a number of specialized training courses. Ms. Ware is widely published on a number of topics related to study and practice of forensics and is an active member in industry associations, serving as Treasurer of the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners.

    CVs Available Upon Request.

    View Applied Forensics' Consulting Profile.
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    Robert Archuleta
    P.O. Box 1409
    Woodbridge CA 95258
    phone: 209-952-4081
    fax: 209-952-4081
    Archuleta & Associates Investigative Services, a Division of Archuleta & Associates, Inc., has been providing investigative services within various industries since 1982. They are the overwhelming leaders within the CA Central Valley.

    The clientele of Archuleta & Associates, Inc. consists of every level of business, from both the private and public sector. Due to the wide range of services provided and their 25 years within the industry, they have worked with an extremely diverse and vast clientele base, from the largest of litigation firms to the smallest of personal clients.

    Robert A. Archuleta launched his career as a Private Investigator in 1983, after five years as an officer, investigator and sergeant for the Lodi Police Department, followed by stints as an engineering contractor and a deputy U.S. Marshal. Among his other clientele, Mr. Archuleta has been as an Expert Witness for the Department of Consumer Affairs for the State of California.

    Services Include:
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • AOE / COE
  • Civil Litigation
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Criminal Defense
  • Criminal Prosecution
  • General Engineering
  • GPS Location / Tracking
  • Insurance Bad Faith
  • Insurance Defense
  • Seminar Training
  • Surveillance
  • Traffic Reconstruction
  • Video Evidence
  • Voice Stress Analyzation
  • Workers Compensation
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    Armando Zatarain
    Private Investigator
    369 San Miguel Drive,Suite 165
    Newport Beach CA 92660
    phone: 949-760-2700
    fax: 949-612-0822
    Armando Zatarain, a licensed Private Investigator, has 13 years experience as a uniformed police officer and 12 years as a Special Agent with the California Department of Justice. Mr. Zatarain has performed work in an undercover capacity, clocking thousands of hours of fixed and moving surveillance. He speaks Spanish fluently, and conducts Civil and Criminal Investigations in Mexico. Mr. Zatarain has extensive in Insurance and Worker's Compensation Fraud and has testified hundreds of times in State and Federal courts.

    Services Include:
  • Pretrial Investigations
  • Witness Location
  • Surveillance
  • Missing Persons
  • Background Checks
  • Internal Theft / Fraud Investigations
  • Blackmail & Extortion
  • Asset Searches
  • Loss Prevention
  • Political Opposition Research
  • Corporate Due Diligence

  • Sample Cases:
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Armed Robbery
  • Assault and Battery
  • Child Molestation
  • Family Law Matters
  • Infidelity
  • Domestic Violence
  • Forcible Rape
  • Fatal Car Accidents
  • Gang Homicide
  • Neighborhood Disputes
  • Sentence Reduction
  • Slip and Fall
  • Terrorist Threats
  • Sexual Harassment
  • False Arrest
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    Tino Kyprianou, MSc, CCE, CFE
    11 Colonial Rd.
    Morristown NJ 07960
    phone: 1-800-262-3552 or (973) 410-1389
    fax: 877-583-0135
    Mr. Tino Kyprianou, MSc, CCE, CFE is a 25 year Computer Forensics,Business & Financial consultant. He holds a Master's of Science degree (MSc.)from the University of Glamorgan UK & a Certificate in Computer Forensics from Kennesaw University's-Cyber Crime Institute(GA-USA.He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE),a Member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (US) a Certified Computer Examiner(CCE) & a Member of the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners.

    Mr. Kyprianou has experience in all facets of Computer Forensics, Fraud Prevention & Detection & E-Discovery.Using the latest technology & advanced computer forensics he works closely with attorneys & corporations to uncover digital evidence for both criminal & civil cases.During the last 25 years he authored detailed computer forensics reports, policy, training & operations manuals & business plans. Mr. Kyprianou currently works as an independent consultant & computer forensics expert for attorneys, in house counsel,private investigators, etc. He assists in drafting court certifications, testifies in depositions, issues computer forensics reports, acts as escrow agent to examine and produce electronic evidence for both sides either by court appointment or agreement & offers services as an expert witness.
    11/20/2012 · Forensics
    As technology advances by leaps and bounds, digital devices are now an integral part of our lives. Every day we use cell phones, laptops, iPads, iPods, GPS systems -- the list is endless.

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    J.F. Chip Morrow
    Nationwide coverage
    San Antonio ALL States 78259-1309
    phone: 866-365-7212 (Toll Free)
    fax: Toll free 866-869-4062
    J.F.  Chip
    Profile: 43+ yrs experience in financial, mortgage & business institutions including 17+ President, CEO & Director & 6+ director of a mortgage company. 15+ years of leadership/ directorships in national & state trade associations. Over 375 federal & state nationwide cases i for FDIC, FannieMae, financial institutions, mortgage companies, businesses, non-banks, individuals. Services provided: consulting, depositions, reports, affidavits & court testimonies.

    Expertise: Financial Institutions, Mortgage Institutions, Business, Real Estate. Loans (mortgage,construction, real estate, business, SBA, international, consumer, etc.); Operations; Fraud; Check ops; EFT; Lender Liability; Policy & Procedures; Fiduciary Duties, D & O conduct, Other. Reports, depositions & court testimony in Federal, Bankruptcy & state courts.

  • 375+ nationwide cases working both for defendants and plaintiffs.

  • 16+ years of in-house, industry, and outside expert witness experience.

  • 75+ depositions taken and 35+ court appearances in both Federal and state courts.

  • Clients: FannieMae, FDIC, ABN AMRO Mortgage, Viacom, Wells Fargo Bank, State of CA, Bank of America, Amex, Citicorp Mortgage, Washington Mutual, Viacom, Bank One, Long Beach Mortgage, EMC Mortgage, JPMorganChase Bank, PacifiCare, Beal Bank, Avnet, Fidelity Title & First American Title

  • Approximately 40% of cases are for financial institutions, 40% against financial institution and 20% are other.

  • Serving clients nationally— 50% plaintiffs and 50% defendants.

  • Resume, fee information and references provided on request.
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    J. Michael Feeks
    See Locations Below
    MA, NJ USA
    phone: 978-887-3960
    J. Michael
    150 Allen Road, Suite 100
    Liberty Corner, NJ 07938
    8 Kate's Lane
    Boxford, MA 01921

    Profile: J. Michael Feeks, one of the founders of Bank Experts Group, provides litigation support and expert witness services to law firms in banking-related matters. He has handled approximately 70 cases as an expert and has provided court-room and/or deposition testimony in more than 15 of these matters.

    Expertise: Mr. Feeks has served as an expert in cases involving:
    • Commercial and Real Estate Lending
    • Loan Approval, Workout and Administration
    • Business and Consumer Banking Operations
    • Management Policies, Practices and Procedures
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Bankruptcies and Frauds
    Law Firms Served, include: Bailey Kennedy, Cahill Gordon & Reindel, Elliott Reihner Siedzikowski & Egan, Hoagland Longo Moran Dunst & Doukas, Margolis Edelstein, McCarter & English, Scarinci & Hollenbeck, Schenck Price Smith & King, Shearman & Sterling, Shipman & Wright, Windels Marx Lane & Mittendorf.

    Background: 35+ years banking experience. Served major bank in business lending, branch operations and management. Served community banks as president, director and other senior positions. MBA – New York University. Graduate – Manhattan College and Stonier Graduate School of Banking.

    Bank Experts Group is a consulting firm that provides litigation support in banking-related matters and specialized assistance to banks and other financial institutions. The principals are experienced former bankers, regulators and educators with extensive experience in bank management.

    View Consulting Profile.

    7/26/2006 · Banking
    How do some community banks manage to go from near-failure to above-average ROAs and ROEs in a matter of a several years? How do mediocre performers achieve top-tier financial performance in similar timeframes? Generally speaking, there are at least 10 success factors underlying most turnarounds of operations and earnings

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    James Blanco
    Forensic Document Examiner
    LOS ANGELES: 818-545-1155
    SAN FRANCISCO: 415-618-0068
    Los Angeles & San Francisco CA
    FORMALLY tested twice a year (controlled tests with known results) by the Collaborative Testing Services, Inc. Test results reveal a ZERO PERSONAL EXAMINER ERROR RATE.

    Federal and State government experienced

    James Blanco has over 25 years of experience as a Forensic Document Examiner. In full-time private practice with offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Mr. Blanco works cases throughout the United States. Former full time Federal and State government Forensic Document Examiner employee.

    Mr. Blanco has rendered in excess of 7,000 expert opinions over twenty five years of experience. He is a qualified expert in Federal, Superior and Court Martial Courts nationally, also the High Court of South Africa, Singapore and Mexico.

    Areas of Expertise:
    • Handwriting & Signature Examinations
    • Writer Identification or Elimination
    • Forgery & Counterfeit Detection
    • Records Review to Determine Legitimacy
    • Medical Charts, Wills, Trusts, Deeds, Contracts
    • Ink & Paper Examinations
    • Government Experienced
    • Compelling Court-Ready Exhibits
    Member: American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
    Participant: Proficiency Tested by Collaborative Testing Services Inc.

    Lectures: Presentations given to Legal groups, Federal/Local Law Enforcement, Banking and Business organizations throughout the U.S.

    Book: Business Fraud: Know It & Prevent It
    Book: Identity Theft Prevention
    Numerous technical papers

    Curriculum Vitae Available Upon Request

    James A. Blanco
    Whether you are a private citizen or in business, chances are you've already lost money to fraud- perhaps more money than you may realize. Here are some of the true but startling statistics about fraud in America...
    James A. Blanco
    A vital handbook to help spot and head off fraud in numerous domains, written by one of America's premier experts on scams and ripoffs. Former Federal agent Jim Blanco walks the reader through forgery and counterfeit cases, investment, real estate and probate fraud, identity theft, embezzlement, computer and internet fraud, restaurant and tavern cash pilfering and fraud scams against the elderly. Plus much more. With 12 key checklists for fraud prevention.
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    Britton & Associates, LLC
    Wendy Britton-Knau, RN, CPC
    1239 NE Milan Ave.
    Ankeny IA 50021
    phone: 515-229-3318
    Wendy Britton Knau, RN, CPC is a Certified Professional Coder and Nurse with over 26 years of experience in the health care field. Her expertise has been utilitzed in both civil (plaintiff and defense) and criminal cases.

    Ms. Britton Knau has served as an expert and an investigator for Medicare and Medicaid audits and consulted with the US Department of Justice on various criminal matters. She has given lectures on topics including Coding, Government Compliance, and HIPAA Regulations.

    Ms. Britton Knau has over 25 years of experience with the following:
    • Determining the cost of future medical care & procedures
    • Estimating the cost of medical care provided by family, after an injury
    • Reviewing coding & medical record documentation
    • Testifying as an expert witness concerning State & Federal regulations
    • Medical record documentation & review
    • Determining the reasonableness of fees billed for medical services provided
    • And much more...
    View Consultant Profile.
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