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Intellectual Property Expert Witnesses

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Robert John Anders
P.O. Box 609
Warwick NY 10990
phone: 845-987-8674
fax: 845-987-8675
Robert John Anders is a member of the Industrial Designers Society of America and the Human Factors and Ergonomic Society with more than 40 years of professional experience. Mr. Anders has been retained as an Industrial Design Expert for over 17 years.

During his academic career as a tenured Professor at Pratt Institute, he lectured internationally and had written and taught Universal Design and the ADA.

Mr. Anders' Areas of Expertise Include:
  • Industrial Design - Consumer Product, Furniture, Packaging and Retail Design
  • Human Factors
  • ADA and Design Management
  • Intellectual Property - utility and design patents, trademarks, trade dress and copyright infringement
2/2/2015 · Patents
Break lines are a well-known and frequently used drawing convention incorporated into certain design patent drawings to limit the length of a depicted product either because the length is irrelevant or of an excessive size to fit on the drawing page. Depicted below are two Break line drawing conventions, from one of the earlier published standards for lines used in technical drawings.

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Dr. William Howard, MBA, PE
Atlanta GA
phone: 770-331-2283
William S. Howard, PhD, MBA, PE is an Electrical / Mechanical Engineer who specializes exclusively in the field of Industrial Machinery and Equipment. He has many years of experience in the design and development of many different types of industrial machinery (in a wide variety of manufacturing industries). As a practicing design engineer (with current machinery design business), he has vast experience designing and developing machinery to meet patents and trade secrets (and to avoid the patents held by others). He is an expert in forward and reverse engineering of machinery.

William S. Howard is an experienced Expert Witness with many years of experience, including trial experience. He accepts cases in Intellectual Property (Patent and Trade Secrets), Contract Disputes, and Tort.


Legal Assistance - Expert Witness legal assistance is available to Individuals and Manufacturers involved in litigation arising from industrial machinery and equipment. This includes Intellectual Property (Patents and Trade Secrets) and complex Tort.

Machinery Safety Audits - Given the recent changes in applicable OSHA regulations and ANSI standards (as well as the advances in Safety technology), a Safety Audit of machinery and industrial equipment is highly recommended to help eliminate machinery hazards and prevent accidents and injuries.

Machinery Design Consulting - This service, geared towards Manufacturers, provides machinery design recommendations and directions for improving the efficiency, reliability, and/or through-put of machinery (both existing or proposed).

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Jeff Sedlik
Photography Expert Witness and Consultant
Los Angeles, California
New York, New York
phone: 626-808 0000 or CA: 212- 447 1255 NY

Professor Jeff Sedlik has decades of experience at the highest level of professional photography including advertising, corporate, editorial and stock. He is a respected and acknowledged authority on photography having served as Past National President of professional photography's leading trade organization, "Advertising Photographers of America". Professor Sedlik is also an experienced Expert Witness.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Contracts
  • Copyright
  • Licensing
  • Publicity Rights
  • Model Releases
  • Lost/Damaged Film
  • Stock Photography
  • Business Practices
  • Forensic Scene Recreation
  • Forensic Image Analysis
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    Dr. Gary Albrecht, PhD
    1817 Georgia Ave.
    Winston-Salem NC 27104
    phone: 336-727-9435
    fax: 336-722-9452
    Gary AlbrechtDr. Gary R. Albrecht has more than 25 years of experience specializing in Economic Forecasting and Forensic Economics. The Director of Econometric Modeling at the University of Kansas, his research has been published in the Journal of Forensic Economics, Journal of Legal Economics, Trial Briefs, and The Earnings Analyst.

    Dr. Albrecht was elected by his peers to be a Vice President and to serve on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Forensic Economists. He also serves as a referee for the Journal of Forensic Economics and the Journal of Legal Economics.

    Dr. Albrecht provides litigation support services to attorneys for both Plaintiff and Defense for cases concerning damages resulting from Wrongful Death, Personal Injury, and Breach of Contract. Qualified in numerous State and Federal venues, he has been deposed and or testified approximately 50 times in the last four years.

    Areas of Expertise:
    • Economic Damages
    • Expected Wage Loss
    • Business Valuation
    • Lost Profits
  • Discrimination Analysis
  • Equitable Distribution
  • Intellectual Property
  • Antitrust
  • Dr. Albrecht is a Member of the American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts, the American Economic Association, and the National Association of Forensic Economics.

    View Dr. Albrecht's Consulting Profile.
    6/18/2014 · Economics
    The first step in estimating the value of life is, generally, to estimate the tradeoff individuals are willing to make between the risk of death and compensation. In wage-risk studies the estimate of the trade-off takes the form of a slope coefficient on the risk of death variable from regression analysis. The estimated slope coefficient is then used to estimate the value of life. This paper addresses two separate but related issues that affect the calculated value of life. One issue is how the estimate of the slope coefficient may vary depending on the base amount of risk in the observations used for its estimate. This issue is addressed by determining the shape of the indifference curve between compensation and the risk of death. The other issue is the definition of the value of life. Two proofs are presented. One proof shows that the calculated value of life will vary according to the base amount of risk involved in the study. The other shows how the calculated value varies according to how the value of life is defined. An economist who uses the value of life studies should be aware of these influences.

    4/14/2014 · Economics
    The contention of this article is that the appropriate discount rate is one which counterbalances the uncertainties associated with projecting future losses. Such uncertainty is defined, herein, as risk. Parity in risk must be maintained between projected losses and the discount rate. A risk-free rate of interest is an appropriate discount rate only when applied to projected losses which are, themselves, risk-free. As elements of uncertainty, or speculation, enter into the projection of future losses, either those elements must be removed from the analysis or the discount rate must be increased commensurately to maintain parity in risk. To do otherwise would yield an award which overcompensates the plaintiff (p. 33).

    3/11/2014 · Economics
    In "The Valuation of a Closely Held Firm: Difference in Expert Opinion," (JFE, 1988) Carl M. Hubbard and Darryl G. Waldron present the results of a survey in which the respondents were asked to place a value on a non-publicly traded firm. The authors classified the responses into four categories: the net asset valuation (NA V) approach; the discounted cash flow (DCF) approach; the earnings multiple (EM) approach; and the capitalized earnings (CE) approach. As the title of their paper states, there were differences of opinion among the respondents.

    2/5/2014 · Economics
    This article is one in a series of articles in the Journal of Forensic Economics detailing the different and the common methods for assessing economic damages in the various states. In this article we discuss the legal framework by which economic damages are computed in personal injury (PI) and wrongful death (WD) cases in the state courts of North Carolina. Section II presents the legal framework for these torts; Section III discusses the calculation of damages in Wrongful Death torts, while Section IV deals with Personal Injury torts where they differ from Wrongful Death.

    1/6/2014 · Economics
    In litigation involving wrongful death, personal injury and breach of employment contracts, forecasting the wage rate is often a necessary step when calculating damages. Forecasted future changes in the wage rate are generally attributed to two components, forecasted changes in the productivity of labor and inflation.l The theoretical reason for making the wage rate a function of productivity and inflation stems from the neoclassical proposition that the wage rate is equal to the product of the marginal productivity of labor and the price of the output received by the manufacturer.

    11/27/2013 · Economics
    Federal and state legal systems rely upon the reasoning of judges and juries to ascertain what is just compensation for personal injury as result of a tort. There are no precise rules to follow in determining damages. Jurists consider the plaintiffs' own itemization of damage, but they also use their own reasoning and the guidance of the law and testimony of forensic economists. Likewise, each forensic economist uses his or her reasoning, legal parameters, and economic training in determining just compensation.

    In a recent article Havrilesky (1993) argues against applying the hedonic damages concept to wrongful death and injury cases. The purpose of this paper is to critique his arguments. An examination of each of the seven points shows that none are appropriate. This analysis follows the same order and is under the same headings as Havrilesky's analysis. The conclusion section is added to summarize the paper.

    10/2/2013 · Economics
    In litigation involving personal injury, wrongful death, job discrimination, and breach of employment contracts, questions concerning the estimates of future earnings and the choice of an appropriate discount rate arise. We address the question of whether, in order to estimate the growth of future earnings and then to discount future earnings, it is necessary to forecast the inflation rate.

    "Esteemed member, Gary R. Albrecht is a Forensic Economist with over 25 years of experience specializing in Economic Forecasting and Damages. Principal at Albrecht Economics, Inc., he provides Expert Witness and Consulting services to attorneys, insurance companies, and other professionals. "
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    Fred P. Smith
    111 W. Canyon Crest Road
    Alpine UT 84004
    phone: 801-763-8484
    fax: 801-763-5755
    Alpine Engineering & Design, Inc. is a company that specializes in Rapid Product Development. Their engineers have had over 20 years developing the skills of new product design. Their innovative approach to product design can be seen in over 100 patents held by their engineers. When we create a product, we must sell it to our customer. We use resources such as our model shop, computer graphics and animations, full size prototypes and written descriptions to communicate our ideas to our customers. We effectively teach them about the product and its merits.

    We apply the same skills we use in developing new products to our work as expert witnesses. We give honest, understandable opinions with the underpinning required to help attorneys, judges and jurors make good decisions.

    Alpine Engineering's Design Experience reaches a number of industries including Refuse Equipment, Hydraulically Operated Equipment, Trucks and Related Equipment, Aerial Lifts, Manlifts, Industrial Equipment, Mobile Equipment, Material Handling, Forklifts, Pallet Trucks, Boom Trucks, Suspension Systems, Garbage Trucks, Front Loaders, Side Loaders, Automated Loaders, Rear Loaders, Rolloffs, Liftgates, Exercise and Sports Equipment, Trucking Equipment, Turf Care Equipment, Farming Equipment.

    Alpine Engineering's Comprehensive Services include:

    Product Development
  • Innovative Concept
  • Multi-Industry Experience
  • Powerful Design Tools
  • Full Service Fabricating Materials
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Vast Technical Knowledge
  • Intellectual Property
  • Creative Display Presentations
  • Great Reputation
  • Patent & Patent Related Issues
  • Patent Searches
  • Provisional Patent Complete with Illustrations
  • Patent Infringement Review
  • Design Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electrical
  • Structural Integrity Tests
  • Value Analysis
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    Don Smith
    1329 Taughannock Boulevard
    Ithaca NY 14850
    phone: 607-272-9111
    fax: 607-272-5588
    Don Smith is a nationally known marketing & sales expert. 40 years as a (1) Fortune 1000 hands-on executive, (2) Consultant for Fortune 10000 companies and family owned businesses, (3) Faculty at Cornell Graduate School of Business, (4) Marketing & sales seminar leader. His expert witness references are outstanding. His 50+ expert engagements include jury trials, arbitration hearings, depositions and numerous expert reports.

    Areas of Expertise
  • Business economic loss: Define lost sales, share and profits.
  • IP: Patents copyrights, trademarks, trade names & trade secrets.
  • Sales channels: Distributors, dealers & reps.
  • Market research: Define market size, growth, share, pricing, trends & customary practice.
  • Marketing & sales effectiveness:My expertise and research quantify this common contract dispute.
  • He is a nationally known public speaker in the development of new products, revitalizing existing products & managing distributors. He has in-depth, practical business experience and excels at explaining complex business issues in his expert report and to juries.

    Clients range from family owned businesses to Fortune 1000 companies including AT&T, Borax, DuPont, ITT, Lockheed-Martin, Lutron, Motorola (Moscow), Rubbermaid, Snap-on Tools, Tyco Electronics (Shanghai), Toshiba & West.
    Scenario: You would like to terminate Midwest Distribution. Ever since the son of the founder became President, Midwest has shifted its emphasis from your Standard and Premium lines (require training and selling time) to your Economy line

    3/2/2002 · Market Research
    Marketing research is a powerful tool that helps lawyers win cases. Examples: Established that a distributor did not implement "effective marketing & sales programs" as required by the contract. The unlawful termination suit was dismissed

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    Antonio R. Sarabia II
    3463 Tanglewood Lane
    Rolling Hills Estates CA 90274
    phone: 310-377-5171
    fax: 310-377-5039
    APPAREL: During his 25 years of experience, Mr. Sarabia has become intimately familiar with the many business problems - and legal issues - which fashion companies may face. The start of his apparel industry experience was nine remarkable years as part of the senior management of Guess?, Inc. Guess? went through amazing growth during this period, one year alone its sales grew 400%! In these nine years, Guess? transformed from a fad into a mainstay fashion company. Those who were fortunate enough to work there saw a variety of challenges, problems and issues which most apparel companies do not encounter over decades. This incredible environment immersed Mr. Sarabia into a wide array of apparel business matters including apparel designs, design creation, design protection, brand establishment and protection, advertising, domestic and foreign manufacturing, factory monitoring, quality control, export, import, customs issues, product sourcing, corporate structure, apparel company management, including officer and director obligations and performance, domestic and foreign distribution, licensing, trade secrets, personnel, independent sales representatives, retail sales, retail custom
    Litigators often reach for doctrines such as res judicata or collateral estoppel to narrow the scope of a case. Res judicata prevents re-litigation of the same claim that was litigated in a prior case. Collateral estoppel prevents re-litigation of the same issue that was decided in a prior case.

    EIGHT YEARS AGO Congress decided that the existing means for awarding damages for trademark infringement were not deterring this illegal practice and decided to supplement these measures with statutory damages-a specific range that a court could award even in the absence of proof of a plaintiff's losses or the defendant's profits.

    In the last 10 years, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has decided two cases involving naked licensing: Barcamerica International v. Tyfield Importers (9th Cir. 2002) 289 F.3d 589, and Freecyclesunnyvale v. The Freecycle Network (9th Cir. 2010) 626 F.3d 509.

    Eight years ago Congress decided that the existing measures of damages for trademark infringement were not deterring trademark infringement. It decided to supplement these measures with statutory damages - a specific range of damages which a court could award even in the absence of proof about plaintiff's losses or defendant's profits.

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    Gabriele Goldaper
    4342 Redwood Ave., #C309
    Marina Del Rey CA 90292
    phone: 310-302-1077
    fax: 310-302-1077
    Gabriele Goldaper has over 45 years experience in the Fashion, Garment, Textile Industry, as a retailer, manufacturer, consultant, and college instructor. Ms. Goldaper is a perceptive and articulate Expert Witness who has been involved in more than120+ Apparel Industry Legal Disputes. She has been deposed and testified in bench and jury trials and arbitrations, for both defendants and plaintiffs.

    Ms. Goldaper has owned her own clothing manufacturing company and has held key executive positions in major public and private companies in Southern California. She has been a Management Consultant to over 200 new, failing or growing apparel companies, and completed assignments for USAID in Romania, Egypt, El Salvador, Moscow, Thailand and Bulgaria as an apparel expert.

    Ms. Goldaper is a 30-year member of the faculty at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

    Areas of Expertise Include:
  • Copyright Infringement and Trademark Cases
  • Opinions on Originality and Substantial Similarity
  • Fabric/Print Design, and Origin Issues
  • Garment Construction and Design issues
  • Customs, Practices and Operations of Clothing Business
  • Financial Conditions, Valuations and Financial Matters
  • Issues with Manufacturing Contractors/Factories: Domestic and Off-Shore
  • Wholesale Distribution to Retailers and Internet Sales
  • Quality Standards/Specifications used in Production of Garments
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    David Francom, PhD
    2345 Neffs Lane
    Salt Lake City UT 84109
    phone: 801-808-5157
    David Francom Economic Analysis Expert PhotoDavid Francom, PhD, has more than 20 years of experience specializing in Business and Economic Analysis involving Intellectual Property and Complex Commercial Litigation. He has served diverse industries including pharmaceutical, medical devices, sports equipment, entertainment, oil drilling, financial services, and food processing.

    Background - Dr. Francom provided economic and litigation support at LECG in San Francisco managing litigation cases and testifying as an expert witness. He worked as an economist at Campos & Stratis where he led economic analysis and litigation support services for numerous intellectual property and complex commercial litigation support matters. Dr. Francom has also worked in the investment brokerage and banking industry and has been licensed by the NASD as a registered representative and general securities principal for equity and debt securities, options, and futures.

    Litigation Support - Dr. Francom offers litigation support services to counsel representing Plaintiff and Defense. Qualified in Federal Court, he has written Rule 26 expert reports and given expert testimony in deposition and at trial resulting in multi-million dollar settlements and judgments.

    Dr. Francom manages intellectual property cases throughout the entire process, from discovery requests to resolution. His broad experience with patent disputes brings industry specific knowledge to his litigation services. Dr. Francom has extensive experience analyzing and calculating damages associated with:
    • IP Infringement
    • Breach of Contract
    • Stock Valuation
    • Lost Profit Damages
  • Demand
  • Market Share
  • Reasonable Royalties
  • Unjust Enrichment
  • View Dr. Francom's Consulting Profile.
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    Robert P. O'Shea Jr.
    Principal Engineer
    1979 N. Mill Street
    Suite 112
    Naperville IL 60563
    phone: 630-562-1100
    fax: 630-562-1102
    Applied Materials Technology, Inc. (AMTI) is a professional Design and Engineering firm. With over 30 years of experience, AMTI performs engineering litigation with expert evaluation, competence, propriety, and integrity.

    AMTI has precise analysis protocols that deliver litigation confidence and evidential clarity to their clients. ASTM Standards are applied to sample preparation and examination, collection preservation of samples and data, and handling of evidence. AMTI's wide range of expertise allows them to be highly flexible and cost-effective engineering expert witnesses.

    AMTI provides their clients with clear, definitive results supported by meticulous scientific analysis and documentation. Their engineering expert witnesses verify the validity of test procedures, and will interpret results for their client’s attorneys and insurance investigators as directed or prescribed.

    Qualified Engineers & Experts
    • Metallurgical / Material Engineering
    • Marine Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Welding Engineering
    • Naval Architecture
    • Marine Surveys
    Forensic Investigation Expertise
    • Accident Investigation & Reconstruction
    • Product Liability Investigation
    • Fire and Explosion Cause and Origin
    • Insurance Settlements
    • Litigation Support Investigations
    • Industrial Accident Investigation
    • Patent Trade Secrets Infringement
    • Failure Analysis
    Bob O'Shea Marine Engineer Expert PhotoRobert P. O'Shea, Jr., PE, Principal Engineer and Materials Engineer at AMTI, has over 25 years experience in comprehensive Failure Analysis Investigations. Mr. O'Shea has been an approved "Third Party Examiner" engaged in implementing the State of Illinois’ hull inspection program. He was previously the Project Manager on numerous underwater condition assessments throughout the Midwest. His project management experience includes inspections of floating casinos and other national projects and forensic investigations.

    Mr. O’Shea has been the lead engineer (Project Manager) on over 150 forensic inspections and assisted on over 200 forensic inspections aimed at determining the cause of failures and accidents. Mr. O'Shea has conducted projects ranging from simple failure investigations to complex engineering studies. He has also performed detailed, quantitative risk assessment analyses for a variety of different clients for risk mitigation situations. Specific investigations have involved failed boilers, refractory and brick systems, generators, transformers and breakers. Mr. O'Shea also has extensive experience in the petrochemical industry.

    Specialties - Accident Reconstruction | Code Compliance | Material Failure Analysis | Fire Cause & Origin | Utility Investigations | Underwater Structural Inspection Management | Boiler Failures | Marine Investigations

    Kent Johnson Failure Analysis Expert PhotoDr. Kent L. Johnson, PE, Senior Consultant at AMTI, has 40 years experience solving production problems that address manufacturing and fabrication, welding, quality and safety concerns, root cause and failure analysis. His background also encompasses the fields of general civil construction, including buildings and bridges, as well as welded industrial manufacturing components and products. Dr. Johnson has extensive experience with nondestructive testing techniques and procedures as well as analyses using fracture mechanics & fatigue evaluations, fitness for service and remnant life studies.

    Dr. Johnson has an extensive knowledge and understanding of many U.S., as well as foreign Codes and Standards, [i.e., ASME, Section I, Section II, Section III, Section IV, Section V, Section VI, Section VII, Section VIII, and Section IX, Section X, and Section XI, and various ANSI, AWS, ASTM, API, AWWA, ASNT, DOT, AAR, CGA, NFPA, NACE, as well as the British Standards (BS), German DIN Norms, and ISO standards]. This knowledge and insight is valuable in both failure analysis investigation as well as determining the fitness for service of industrial equipment.

    Specialties - Forensic Investigations | Fatigue Evaluations | Welding & Joining Technologies | Code Compliance | Fabrication | Construction / Erection | Fire Cause & Origin | Metallurgical Testing | Fracture Mechanics | Defect Growth Studies | Fitness for Service | Remnant Life Studies

    Brad Rosello Mechanical Engineer Expert PhotoCDR Bradley J. Rosello, PE, Senior Consultant at AMTI, is a licensed Naval Architect with broad experience in mechanical engineering and associated fields. He has been responsible for offshore construction projects including daily operations, budget and compliance while working extensively in the offshore oil industry performing standard decommissionings, platform restoration projects including the dismantling of toppled structures and preparation of damaged sub-sea oil wells.

    Commander Rosello is a specialist in mechanical analysis, steel and aluminum structural analysis and ship construction analysis, and construction oversight and practices. He has also demonstrated credibility of application of safety standards and construction process inspections, especially in Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering applications. He has experience with oilfield cutting tools and well pressure control devices, ship operations, maintenance, fire protection systems, life safety, vessel stability, structures, and security.

    Mr. Rosello is an active Commander in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserves.

    Specialties - Offshore Construction Practices | Maritime and Workplace safety | Vessel Construction and Design | Steel and Aluminum Construction Practices

    View AMTI's Consulting Profile.
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    Karl R. Leinsing, MSME, PE
    77 Spur Rd.
    Dover NH 03820
    phone: 603-926-8216
    fax: 603-749-0079
    Karl R. Leinsing, MSME, PE, President of ATech Designs, Inc., is a Professional Mechanical Engineer who specializes in Medical Device Product Development from concept to production.

    Mr. Leinsing has been granted over 20 patents (needle free IV valves, laparoscopic devices, needlescopic devices, suture lockers, catheters, mitral valve repair devices, knitting machines) and excels in solving the most complicated problems and design challenges. His company has a fully equipped medical lab with calibrated measurement and test equipment and all is fully documented with high quality reports with pictures and video to provide credible results and easy to understand compelling data.

    The winner of five design awards, Mr. Leinsing is recognized as one of the top 100 medical device professionals in the nation by MD&DI. For dedication to his industry, he was made the 2014 Chairman of the Medical Device and Manufacturing Conference in Anaheim, CA. Mr. Leinsing has also been acknowledged for his work in a publication by Life Magazine.

    Mr. Leinsing offers litigation support services to the legal community. He has extensive experience with Patent and Product Liability cases including report writing, depositions, and testimony.

    Areas of Expertise:
    • Intravenous (IV) Systems & Disposables
    • Hernia Repair
    • Endometrial Ablation
    • Cardiovascular Systems
    • Injection Ports
    • Catheters
    • Mitral Valve Repair
  • Bed Rails
  • Cervical Screws
  • Syringes
  • IV / Insulin Pumps
  • Glucose Monitors
  • Peritoneal Dialysis Pumps
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Repair
  • View Karl Leinsing's Consulting Profile.
    6/24/2014 · Expert Witnessing
    Experienced Medical Device Experts can assist with a case in many different ways. First, they have industry knowledge of the medical device industry and can assist with prior art in patent litigation cases for example. They understand the technology and how claim terms are understood for one skilled in the art of medical device design, testing, and manufacturing. This firsthand information can then assist with proper claim construction and infringement analysis. Experience with medical devices product development can also assist in determining what is obvious in the field and what is not as it pertains to patent validation.

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    Michael Nranian, JD, MBA, MS
    10945 Stoney Point
    South Lyon MI 48178
    phone: 248-376-0338 or 248-446-4052
    Michael Nranian, JD, MBA, MS has over 29 years experience focusing in Product Development, Intellectual Property, Patent Litigation, Legal and Technical Compliance, and Product Liability Litigation. He is a licensed attorney in Michigan, Texas, & the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Mr. Nranian is a Six Sigma Black Belt, Professional Engineer, & Certified Project Management Professional. He has an in-depth background and education in Law, IP, Electrical, Chemical & Computer Engineering, & Business. He has testified extensively as an expert witness in depositions, hearings, and trials in state & federal courts.

    Mr. Nranian conducts Product and Technology Analysis, Patentability & Prior Art Research,and provides Technology & Litigation Support for Intellectual Property. His litigation background includes patent infringement / non-infringement under literal infringement and the doctrine of equivalents, patent validity / invalidity, prior art, & file-wrapper estoppel, for both ITC and Federal cases. He conducts analysis of patents and products, prepares claim charts, & expert witness reports. This includes testimony and document preparation for cases before state, and federal court jurisdictions, and the International Trade Commission.

    Mr. Nranian is thoroughly familiar with all 101, 102, 103, 112, and other enablement and prior art arguments. His experience includes Technology Standards Boards and Licensing Authorities, Antitrust / DOJ, Technology Development and Transfer, Patents, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, and Copyrights.

    His Product Liability Expert Witness litigation background includes all types of Safety Systems, Electrical Systems, Fires, Accident Reconstruction, and Evaluation of Alternative Designs for Automotive, Medical and other industries. He has over 29 years of experience in Automotive Safety Systems, Sensors, Seatbelts, Airbags / Curtains, Seats, Diagnostic Systems, Crash Recorders, Crash Pulse Analysis, System Diagnostic, Fault Codes, Structure (including roof-crush and door) and front, side & roll-over systems (including sensing and algorithm development) for domestic and international corporations. He is thoroughly familiar with all regulatory (including FMVSS), and corporate due-care requirements, & preemption arguments, occupant kinematics, & injury causation.
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    Les Baxter, P.E.
    154 Pinckney Rd.
    Little Silver NJ 07739
    phone: 732-212-1400
    fax: 425-969-5779
    Les Baxter has more than 30 years of experience in the Telecommunications Industry, He has a broad background in just about every phase of product development and deployment, including system architecture, systems engineering, standards, product design and testing, etc.

    Mr. Baxter has extensive experience with Patent Infringement and Invalidity cases, Network Performance / Breach of Contract Cases and Telecommunications / Networking Product Liability cases. He has been deposed three times and testified at trial twice.

    Areas of Technical Expertise and Experience Include:
  • Systems Engineering and Offer / Value Proposition Development
  • System and Product Architecture
  • Hardware, Firmware, Software Development
  • Data Communication / Networking and LAN Protocols
  • Standards Strategy and Development
  • Global Technical, Sales, and Marketing Support
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Specific Areas of Product Experience Include:
  • Structured Cabling and Physical Layer Networking
  • Residential Networks and LANs
  • Switching systems (circuit, packet, and optical)
  • Optical Networking
  • Les Baxter
    Cabling infrastructure and networking technologies are the main focus of this book that features just enough applications and access technologies coverage to illustrate the trade-offs between the options. Residential Networks presents a "soup to nuts" examination of home networking, from physical layer transmission issues to different types of networks and present-day applications such as voice telephony, data networking, entertainment networks, and home automation.
    Les Baxter and Donald J. Sterling
    There is no better introduction to premises cabling, its components, and its varieties than this basic yet technically accurate presentation of structured cabling systems for both business and home. Now in its Third Edition, Premises Cabling has been updated and revised to reflect the latest developments in the industry, such as the Augmented Category 6 UTP cable, the 10GBASE-T Ethernet standard, application-oriented data center cabling, industrial cabling, wireless networks, and more.
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    Rob Wallace
    Branding Consultant
    669 Oradell Ave
    Oradell NJ 07649
    phone: 917-860-0319
    Rob Wallace has unique expertise in Trademark, Trade Dress, Copyright, Brand Identity and Package Design Infringement. For 30+ years, Rob ran one of the nation's top Brand Identity Strategy and Package Design Resources providing global branding expertise to Fortune 500 companies in virtually all CPG categories. His clients include P&G, Nestle, Pepsico, Unilever, Kraft, Colgate, The Home Depot, Brown-Foreman, Novartis, J&J and more than 30 market leading companies. Manhattan-based, Rob has been an expert witness for important litigation involving:
  • Likelihood of Consumer Confusion, Brand Valuation & Dilution
  • Innovation/Ideation Copyright
  • Package Graphic/Structural Design
  • Product Design
  • Branding Industry Best Practices
  • False Advertising
  • Corrective Advertising
  • and all brand related issues.

  • Rob has commissioned literally hundreds of consumer surveys and is uniquely qualified to determine the results of all research.

    He has worked for attorneys on both the plaintiff and defense sides of his cases. He is effective and efficient with the average project report requiring between 10 and 12 hours.

    In the visual circus that has become the retail environment, the icon can be your most effective tool for communicating your brand s message and for connecting with your consumers.

    2/14/2013 · Design
    Several months ago, a well-respected Fortune 500 consumer products corporation asked its design leader to fire his entire staff and re-hire them under the payroll of one of its pre-press consultants. As a reward for completing this awkward transition, the design manager was, in turn, laid off.

    In the past few weeks I have heard marketing directors from three different large consumer packaged goods companies begin a strategic brand identity design discussion with the warning, "My brand needs significant enhancement, but don't to go too crazy.

    Today's world is cluttered with messages. In this enviromnent, Rob Wallace urges simplicity. Powerful brands cut through perceptional noise with a memorably iconic and minimalist approach to colors and symbols. Case studies amplify the principles he advocates, and a three-step process outlines specific criteria managers can use to build designs that are visually clean and engaging.

    I've spent the better part of 20 years on the package/brand identity design pulpit.With my colleagues in corporate and consultant design, I have tried to spread the gospel of package design's pre-eminent role in communicating the brand's core identity, its emotional essence, and its primary connection to consumers.

    Brand extensions are more than twice as likely to succeed as new brands. With mega-brands like Crest extending to more than 80 SKUs in the United States alone and over 300 products worldwide, today's brands are not just expanding-they are hyper-proliferating.

    12/9/2009 · Design
    A new set of design advocates is needed: individuals & organizations who aren't afraid to weigh the costs of design against marketplace results.

    4/5/2009 · Marketing
    The value of being the genuine original cannot be overstated. Behaviorists like Malcolm Gladwell and Barry Schwartz recognize that in a sea of newness, we consumers find comfort in brands that are consistent, honest and real. We immediately recognize their familiar identities

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    Thomas L. Blackburn
    2409 Klein Road
    San Jose CA 95148
    phone: 408-507-8771 or 408-622-4026
    fax: 408-622-4026 Call First
    Thomas L. Blackburn is a noted technologist, product developer, consultant, patent analyst, educator, and expert witness specializing in Mobile, Cellular, Wireless Technologies, Wired Technologies, Networks, Phones, Standards, Services, and Systems. Mr. Blackburn began his career in 1971 as a telecommunications engineer and has worked for private organizations and has been a founder of several successful start-up telecommunications companies. He holds over 35 US and International Patents in the telecommunications field.

    As a Cellular Forensic Analyst, he works closely with private attorneys and Public Defenders in analyzing call detail records and has opined on cell phone locations after performing cell site and CDR analysis. As a Patent Analyst, he assists many leading law firms in defending against or asserting claims of patent infringement and patent validity. This patent work has encompassed Wi-Fi/WLAN standards, Bluetooth standards, all generations of standards for GSM, UMTS, LTE, and CDMA2000 cellular standards, including GSM/3GPP, ETSI, OMA and WAP.

    Mr. Blackburn has served as a Plaintiff and Defendant Expert Witness on a wide spectrum of civil and business matters / litigation involving wired and wireless technologies, communications products and services. He has written many expert reports for infringement, invalidity and validity and has many years of experience giving depositions and testifying. He has testified at deposition or at jury trial over 25 times.

    Areas of Expertise:
  • Cellular Technology
  • Network Architectures
  • Cellular Industry
  • Patent Infringement
  • Cellular Communications
  • Cell Phone Tracking
  • Wire & Wireless Equipment
  • DSL Technology
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