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Enology Expert Witnesses

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Dr. Tracey D. Carrillo
P.O. Box 386
Knox City Texas
phone: 575-639-5110 or 575-650-9463
Areas of expertise include: agronomy, environmental studies, Precision technology, drone field mapping, entomology, plant pathology, pesticides, pastures, soils, herbicides, range management, biology, ecology, plant physiology, invasive insect and plant species, as well as many other areas. Certified crop advisor by the Society of Agronomy. Experience in Drone and satellite imagery for detection of plant anomalies such as spray drift, plant disease or other. 20 years experience in areas of agriculture, ecology, biology, regulation and policy, labeling, equipment operation, soil and plant tissue testing, as well as water quality.

Herbicide spray drift to non target crops or plants.