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6/12/2024· Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

City Saves Struggling ERP Project By hiring Experienced Project Manager

By: Panorama Consulting Group

Panorama was engaged by the city to perform an assessment of the in-progress ERP implementation. The project had been stopped by the city in October 2019 amidst concerns about the operational readiness of the vendor’s software and the readiness of the city staff to successfully operate the new systems and corresponding processes.


6/12/2024· Plastic / Reconstructive / Cosmetic Surgery

The Crucial Role Of A Plastic Surgeon Expert Witness In Scarring And Deformity Cases

By: Dr. Thomas Zaydon

Plastic surgeon expert witnesses play a pivotal role in evaluating and managing cases involving scarring, deformity, and disfigurement. They serve as critical liaisons between the medical and legal realms, ensuring that justice is served with precision and expertise in matters where the human form and its vulnerabilities are central to the legal argument.


5/21/2024· Elevators - Escalator - Automatic Doors

The Evolution Of Escalator And Auto-Walk Braking Systems

By: Anthony S. Boom

Ever since the very first escalator was installed, escalator manufacturers and safety code committees have worked proactively and reactively to make escalators as safe to ride as possible. Whether manufacturers and code committees were acting proactively or reactively, as time passed, many new safety devices and rules were implemented to make escalators and auto-walks safer to ride.


4/26/2024· Construction

Why Expert Witness Testimony Matters in Commercial Construction Accidents That Occur in Southern California

By: Dick Bridy, PhD

The towering cranes and bustling activity on a commercial construction site can be a marvel of modern engineering. However, beneath the surface lurks a constant threat -the potential for accidents. When these accidents occur, the path to securing fair compensation can be fraught with complexities.


4/24/2024· Toxicology

The "Forever" Chemical Perfluorooctanaote (PFOA)

By: Dr. Michael Dourson

This essay is about the “forever” chemical, per-fluoro-octano-ate, also known as PFOA, and similar chemicals. You have likely read about “forever” chemicals in the news or heard about these chemicals or saw the movie Dark Waters, where excess exposures to these chemicals were alleged to cause a number of


4/11/2024· Medical - Medicine

Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy of Secondary Neoplasms of the Thyroid Gland

By: Dr. Paul Michaels

Secondary neoplasms of the thyroid gland (SNTGs), representing either metastases or direct extension of tumors from adjacent anatomic structures, are uncommon. Their reported incidence varies substantially, however, ranging from 0.1% to 3% in clinical series. They have been reported as incidental findings in autopsy studies with a frequency of 4.4% to 24% in patients with a known primary cancer or...


4/11/2024· Ethics / Ethical Duties

Business Transactions with Clients - A Trap for The Unwary Practitioner

By: William A. Muñoz, Esq

The Lawyer’s Lawyer is turning its attention to a situation that most of you have probably not considered in your practice, but have unknowingly participated in – business transactions with a client. The significance of this is that not recognizing when you are involved in a business transaction with a client,


4/5/2024· Plastic / Reconstructive / Cosmetic Surgery

Avoiding An Aesthetic Malpractice Lawsuit

By: Dr. Jorge Perez

The practice of medicine has always been vulnerable to our litigious climate. In addition, current trends in healthcare with declining third-party reimbursements, have increased the number of physicians venturing into aesthetic medicine seeking better compensation for their services.


4/5/2024· Life Expectancy - Life Care Planning

The Importance of Updated Records for A Life Care Planner and Vocational Expert

By: Stokes & Associates

Typically, the first step after being engaged as life care planning or vocational experts is to review the available records. Medical records guide the direction of the life care plan and frame potential restrictions that influence vocational assessment. Step two in the process is the evaluation with the plaintiff to determine which treating or consulting


4/5/2024· Failure Analysis

Defending Assets: A Legal Perspective On Corrosion Prevention

By: Jose Villalobos, PE

Corrosion poses a significant threat to various industries, and its impact on assets cannot be underestimated. As an engineer, you might wonder how this topic can be of interest to an attorney. Well, attorneys play a crucial role in protecting their clients' interests, and corrosion prevention aligns seamlessly with legal strategies aimed at safeguarding assets. In this article, we will explore the legal implications of corrosion and the role attorneys can play in mitigating its risks.

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