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2/14/2024· Expert Witnessing

The Trial Of The Medical Expert Witness

By: William H. Dillin, MD

The law is central to human behavior, while medicine performs its own role in health and life. The medical expert witness appears before the law, toting biomedical science. The role of the expert witness sits on the scales of justice. Those scales should be balanced, and there should be regard for the lady holding them.


1/18/2024· Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

How To Recover From A Failed Software Implementation: Get Back On Track

By: Panorama Consulting Group

When companies undergo an ERP implementation, sometimes, the project doesn’t go according to plan. Thankfully, there’s a good chance you may still be able to salvage it. If you kept a change log, have a grasp on the challenges you encountered, and have evidence of which parties were behind the collapse, you could find a way forward.


1/15/2024· Speech-Language Pathology

Forensic Speech Language Pathologist And Dehydration In The Elderly

By: Megan M. Hamilton, MS, CCC-SLP

This article will address how a forensic speech language pathologist (SLP) can assist in determining if dehydration leading to hypernatremia or hyponatremia in the elderly can be considered a result of unmanaged dysphagia, substandard care, negligence on the part of medical staff or an unavoidable consequence of a medical condition.


1/15/2024· Fall Protection Solutions / Confined Spaces Safety

Case Study: Property Wide Confined Spaces Program

By: Rauch Safety & Engineering

Confined Spaces safety is a global issue that is a growing source of concern in developed and developing countries. According to OSHA, in the U.S. alone, about 90 deaths involving confined spaces occur every year. These incidents occur because workers and employers do not recognize...


1/15/2024· Plastic / Reconstructive / Cosmetic Surgery

Enhancing Legal Strategies with Plastic Surgery Litigation Support

By: Dr. Thomas Zaydon

When we think of plastic surgery, images of cosmetic enhancements often come to mind. However, the world of plastic surgery extends beyond aesthetics, playing a significant role in the field of law. Enter "plastic surgery litigation support," a dynamic intersection where medical expertise meets legal strategy.


1/10/2024· Vocational Rehabilitation And Counseling

Vocational Rehabilitation Considerations In Burn Cases

By: Stokes & Associates

Many factors influence the vocational prognosis of individuals who have experienced burn injuries, including residual functional limitations, the environment of the job(s), the need for ongoing scar revision and treatment/therapies, and unique clothing needs/requirements


12/20/2023· Failure Analysis

Soda Bottle Failure Analysis

By: Dr. Thomas Read

California materials failure laboratory, Read Consulting Failure Analysis Laboratory was engaged to determine the cause of failure of a 12 oz soda bottle. This bottle was said to have exploded and caused injury to a person. The bottle was said to have spontaneously exploded as the was being pushed into a cooler filled with ice.


12/20/2023· Transportation

Danger Signs Ahead For U.S. Transit And Motorcoach Sectors, Part 1

By: Ned Einstein

America’s worst transportation problems may be recent. But they had their roots in a century of serious mistakes, even if, in fairness, many were not foreseeable nearly that long ago. Compared to many countries with a fraction of our resources, America made no efforts to decrease traffic levels by creating new major cities – like Brasilia and Tel Aviv (the latter of which had recently been its nation’s capital; the former still is).


12/19/2023· Domestic Violence

Unveiling The Vital Role of Psychologist Expert Witnesses In Battered Women Cases

By: Charles H. Heller, PhD

Navigating the complexities of legal cases involving battered women demands a comprehensive understanding of the psychological impact on victims. In courtroom battles, psychologists and expert witnesses play a pivotal role in shedding light on the intricate nuances of these cases. In this blog post, we delve into the crucial contributions of psychologists to advocating for justice...


12/8/2023· Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

State Recovers From Delayed Implementation And Selects New System To Meet Its Needs

By: Panorama Consulting Group

The client was in the process of implementing a new HRMS system and was about a year into implementation when they encountered serious issues with the software during the testing phase. They were concerned that some key business requirements were missed at the beginning of the project and left out of the system’s design and configuration.

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