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Our members enjoy a variety of benefits, ranging from 24/7 access to editing their profile and categories and reviewing profile statistics, to taking advantage of special offers and services.

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Established in 1994, is an Effective, Efficient, and Economical way to search for and retain Experts Witnesses and Consultants.

Once a Member of, you have the ability to market your expertise across multiple platforms. You can customize your profiles to targeted markets – e.g., Expert Witnesses, Expert Consultants, Expert Answers, Expert Services and Expert Forum (some services are forthcoming).

Who can become an Expert Witness?
An expert witness is a witness who has knowledge beyond that of the ordinary lay person enabling him or her to give courtroom testimony regarding an issue that requires expertise to understand. If you possess any specialized knowledge, skill, education, experience, or training in any of our 1265+ and growing disciplines, then your expert services may be in demand by the legal or business community.

Who Can Become an Expert Consultant?
An Expert Consultant has the same specialized knowledge but does not testify and is not subject to the more stringent laws of Evidence that are imposed upon Expert Witnesses. Often, Expert Consultants specialize in Expert Witness related work and services within their field of expertise.

Why join
- Immediate and Direct Contact with Clients – no middleman or broker.
- Negotiate Fees With Prospective Clients
- Make Your Knowledge Accessible to Businesses, Insurance Companies and Law Offices Who Are Not Willing to Pay Broker Commissions.
- Showcase your Expertise by adding CVs, Books, Articles, Case Scenarios, Links of Interest, etc. to your Profile Free of Charge.
- Advertise at a Cost- Effective Rate - just one engagement pays for our nominal annual fee for several years.
- Exchange ideas with other professionals.

Does it pay to become an Expert?
Because of the demand and importance of their roles, Expert Witnesses and Consultants are paid extremely well for their services. Typical fees can range from $100 per hour to over $10,000 per day depending on nature of the engagement and the expert’s particular area of expertise, background, and credentials. For experts actively involved in litigation (arbitration, mediation, or trial), it is not unheard of to be compensated over $100,000 per case plus expenses in complex cases.

For as little as $450 per year for a Profile on Expert Witness and\or Expert Consultant Directory, you can reach out to those who are most in need of your expert services.

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