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5/19/2009· Expert Witnessing

What is an expert witness?

By: Robert E. (Bob) Underdown

According to Federal Rule of Evidence 702 an Expert Witness is a witness who, due to their knowledge, skill, experience, training, or education, may give testimony in the form of an opinion


5/19/2009· Insurance

Broker Contingency Commission - Good or Bad?

By: Robert E. (Bob) Underdown

Much has been written about Eliot Spitzer, the New York State Attorney General, and his actions against major insurance carriers and brokerage firms.


5/15/2009· Structured Settlements

Structured Claim Settlements -- Still A Viable Tool?

By: Robert E. (Bob) Underdown

Structured claim settlements have often been a preferred method of resolving serious bodily injury and workers' compensation claims. However, recent poor performance of the stock market and low interest rates have made some risk managers and financial officers question the current viability of such settlements

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