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We value and appreciate our Members’ and Users' opinions and comments.

"Cary & Kopynec, LLC partners have been very satisfied with the results obtained through our advertising with and are thankful for the business we have received through your site. Additionally, you have worked with us to improve our listing, proving your customer service is second to none. We have chosen to go to a premium listing since we know that will offer us added value and exposure. Your prices are reasonable and affordable, especially since we can easily offset our advertising expense with the incoming business directly related to We had a one year listing with [a competitor] and received absolutely no business as a result of spending over $2000 to advertise with that company. Attempts to revise our listing to improve our chance of success were frustrating as there was a major lack of customer service. Due to turnover of that position, we dealt with 3 different people and had to start from scratch with explaining our concerns. One of these individuals even had us catagorized incorrectly when trying to persuade us to renew our contract. We did not feel we were important to [your competitor]. In contrast, has given us immediate, individual, and personal attention from a live person each time we have called. Thank you for your excellent customer service. That is a rare commodity these days. We plan to continue using your services and are glad your expertise exists."


Susan Davis Kopynec, PA-C, MPAS
September 8, 2004

"Please have a rep call to assist me with some banner ads, your site is by far the absolute best in the is the best at what it does. Your stats section of the site in perfect and the care in which you operate impresses me very much, keep up the good work!"

Daniel Page
Advanced Automotive Research
July 29, 2004

"I am a Certified Fraud Examiner and Expert Witness. My business has been enhanced 300% since I began advertising with The staff is beyond reproach. If they say it will be done then it will be done. Thus, I am extremely pleased with the out come of my advertising and growth of my business."

Eva Jo Sparks, CFE
April 24, 2004


Listing with your service was an excellent business decision! I will renew my contract for the next year."

Dr. Dian Williams
January 8, 2004

"First time I used [], within a few weeks, I recieved a job that paid for the listing for the entire year. I am very pleased."

Terry Shipley
Legal Nurse Consulting Services of America
October 22, 2003

You're unbelievable, the whole presentation looks great, thanks again, it's been a real pleasure working with everyone at"

Howard Steenwyk
The Forensis Group
October 8, 2003

Thank you for such a professional response--the best I've ever gotten. I wish I had signed up with you before….I have attached a book chapter from my soon-to-be published book, and would be glad to have you post it."

Marc D. Feldman, M.D.
August 19, 2003

"I spent several hours today researching various sites for expert consultants. I came away absolutely convinced that is way above the competition. In addition to having a highly visible and easy to use site, the customer service seems to be exceptional! The phone rang twice and then an actual human answered the phone. Beyond that, he was amazingly knowledgeable and polite."

Aaron White, PhD
Duke University Medical Center

" is one of the oldest, most established directory site on the Internet...It is probably the best known of the Internet-only directories, and attorneys can search for an expert at no charge."

Rosalie Hamilton, author of
The Expert Witness Marketing Book
From One Of Our Members:

"...One of the benefits of is that the extensive categories permit the lawyer to define the researcher with the precise skills required. I am a long term member of and received an assignment last year from this listing.

Don Smith

President, American Consulting Group, Inc.
March 5, 2002

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