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Featured articles related to Professional Ethics and Ethical Behavior, including Expert Witnesses and Consultants on the subject.. Contact Us if you are interested in having your work published on our website and linked to your Profile(s).

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5/22/2020· Ethics / Ethical Duties

Financial Advisors: What Is A Fiduciary And Why Does It Matter?

By: Marguerita Cheng

When selecting a financial advisor, people are often confronted with a seemingly simple yet undeniably important question: What is a fiduciary and why does it matter?


5/12/2020· Ethics / Ethical Duties

Ethical Issues Are Too Often Ignored By Medical Experts

By: Francois Sestier, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FACC, CIME

Medical experts are sometimes perceived as mercenaries, selling their opinion for money. This has been favoured by the adversarial judicial system in North America with medical experts on both the sides of the Court Room. Medical experts too often believe firmly that their main duty is to help the requesting party to win their case.

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