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6/20/2023· Biomechanics

In Injury Biomechanics, The Techniques And Supporting Data Matter

By: Timothy P. Harrigan, ScD, MBA, PE

The process of relating a specific event to a specific injury is often complicated when the facts surrounding the event are in dispute. Expert testimony is often used to evaluate the recollections in many litigation matters. Specifically, some experts will assert that their analysis does not support the claimed injury mechanism


8/20/2010· Biokinetics

Case Example: Wrist Injury

By: Kerry L. Knapp, PhD

A Cadillac sedan was hit from behind by a Pontiac sedan. The driver of the Cadillac testified that the Pontiac was traveling 60 to 65 mph at impact. He alleged that at the time of the collision his left elbow was bent...


3/3/2010· Biokinetics

Case Example: Bus Pedestrian Accident

By: Kerry L. Knapp, PhD

A city bus struck a canopy providing shade at a construction site; one of the tent support poles hit a crossing guard allegedly injuring her back. Did the canopy support pole cause an acute back injury?

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