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Featured articles related to Medicare, Medicaid, and Other Health Insurance Issues, written by Expert Witnesses and Consultants on the subject.. Contact Us if you are interested in having your work published on our website and linked to your Profile(s).

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6/20/2022· Medicare - Medicade - Health Insurance

Medicare Determination For High Income Earners

By: Craig Sturgill

The vast majority of Medicare beneficiaries pay the same for certain parts of their Medicare coverage. However, in some cases, the costs can vary. Today we’ll discuss the costs of Medicare for high-income earners. We’ll discuss how Medicare determines if you’ll have to pay more.


5/10/2022· Medicare - Medicade - Health Insurance

Extra Help with Medicare Part D

By: Craig Sturgill

Many people on Medicare struggle with the cost of their prescription drugs. Extra Help is another name for Low-Income subsidy. This program assists those with limited income pay for drug costs. You can get Extra Help even if your income and assets are above the limits stated above.


11/4/2021· Medicare - Medicade - Health Insurance

How To Prepare For The Medicare Open Enrollment Period

By: Elite Insurance Partners

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, also known as Open Enrollment, lasts for seven and a half weeks, giving beneficiaries a chance to make changes to their Medicare Advantage or Part D prescription drug coverage. Before October 15, it’s important to prepare for this window.


9/28/2021· Medicare - Medicade - Health Insurance

How To Decide Between Medicare Advantage And Medigap

By: Elite Insurance Partners

Even with Original Medicare, beneficiaries still have out-of-pocket costs, including coinsurance and deductibles, which can quickly add up. That's why it’s a good idea to purchase supplemental coverage to help with health care expenses. Medicare Advantage and Medigap give beneficiaries two options to fill in the coverage gaps.


8/11/2021· Medicare - Medicade - Health Insurance

Medicare Supplement: Top Medigap Plans For New Beneficiaries

By: Elite Insurance Partners

Many people are surprised to learn that Original Medicare (Parts A & B) doesn't cover everything. By purchasing a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan, you won't have to worry about out-of-pocket costs. Medigap policies "fill in the gaps" for services not covered by Original Medicare, including coinsurance, copays, deductibles, and extended hospital visits. Before signing up for a Medigap plan, you must have Original Medicare.


11/4/2020· Medicare - Medicade - Health Insurance

Medicare Advantage Coverage Expansion for 2021 Plan Year

By: Elite Insurance Partners

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have implemented several requirements for Medicare Advantage plans in the year to come. Among the new features of Medicare Advantage plans, the changes aim to help patients and providers stay safe by allowing treatment to happen at home through telehealth.


9/16/2020· Medicare - Medicade - Health Insurance

How To Prepare For The Annual Enrollment Period

By: Elite Insurance Partners

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is from October 15th- December 7th it allows you to change your coverage. Many people don't realize that Medicare Advantage and prescription plans change annually.


5/5/2020· Medicare - Medicade - Health Insurance

Medicare Coverage of Senior Care Services

By: Elite Insurance Partners

Medicare covers many senior care services. Although, there are exceptions, limitations and costs you need to know about. Understanding the coverage Medicare provides will make receiving care easier. When you know what to expect, you can plan accordingly.


9/12/2019· Medicare - Medicade - Health Insurance

Medicare at 50: The Specifics

By: Elite Insurance Partners

Unlike “Medicare for All,” which would completely overhaul our health insurance system, Medicare at 50 focuses on giving people in their 50s and 60s additional options that will make healthcare more affordable.


8/5/2019· Medicare - Medicade - Health Insurance

Medicare Late Penalties Baby Boomers Need To Know

By: Elite Insurance Partners

Are you currently, or soon to be, eligible for Medicare? Signing up for Medicare, and understanding when to sign up, can be a complicated process. Most importantly, there are some late penalties that baby boomers absolutely need to know about.

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