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Addiction Medicine Consultant William Santoro

Tower Health Addiction Medicine
William Santoro
420 S. Fifth Avenue
K Building
West Reading PA 19611
phone: 484-628-5858
fax: 484-628-5289

William Santoro, MD is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine and Family Medicine. His professional consultant services are utilized by Pharmaceutical companies to educate doctors on why and how to use medication for subbstance use disorders. Dr. Santoro also gives talks and seminars to groups on all aspects of addiction medicine. In addition to being the chief of the Section of Addiction Medicine at Tower Health System, he is the Medical Director at the Reading Hospital & Medical Center detoxification and rehabilitation program and the Medical Director for New Directions, a Methadone Treatment center where he is responsible for all admission physical examinations and for prescribing methadone to approximately 950 opiate dependant patients. Dr. Santoro is the Addictionist on staff at The Reading Hospital & Medical Center within the Department of Psychiatry. He is consulted by hospitalists to care for patients admitted to the hospital with addiction complicating their condition. Dr. Santoro runs a Medication Assisted Recovery Clinic, an outpatient program utilizing buprenorphine and naltrexone maintenance for over 200 patients. With a special interest in Sports Medicine, in 2001, he served as a volunteer physician for the U.S. Olympic Training Team in Lake Placid, New York. 

Professional Services:

  • Consultant speaker for Forrest Pharmaceuticals. Responsible for teaching physicians about using Campral for alcohol dependence, 2005 to 2007
  • Consultant speaker for Indivior (formerly Rickett-Benckiser). Mentoring program to teach physicians how to appropriately use Suboxone and Sublocade  for opiod use disorder, 2005 to present
  • Consultant speaker for Pfizer Labs. Responsible for teaching physicians how and why to use Chantix for tobacco addiction, 2007 to present

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