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Jail Management Consultant Donald Leach

Donald L. Leach II & Associates, Ltd.
Donald L. Leach II
Sandy UT 84092
phone: 859-552-4286
Donald L. Leach, II, is a Jail / Corrections Management expert with over 30 years of experience. Mr. Leach has 20 years of consulting experience on jail management issues nationally, focusing on Risk Management for jails and jail operational methodology. His clients have included the Department of Justice, Ministry of Justice, The Netherlands, National Institute of Corrections, American Jail Association, Voorhis-­-Robertson Justice Services, among others.

Mr. Leach has extensive supervisory experience, having overseen up to 402 employees (indirectly). He also supervised internal affairs investigations, experienced in interviewing, hiring, training, scheduling, motivating, evaluating, and dismissing personnel. He is experienced in administering and managing a large detention facility, developing and administering programs, budgeting, contract development and monitoring, conducting research, monitoring compliance with policies and procedures, community relations, public speaking, controlling costs, problem-solving, and preparing reports.

Consulting Services:
  • On-site Facility Evaluation of Jail Management Systems and Classification Systems
  • Data and Information Systems Analysis
  • Developing / Enhancing Jail Classification Programs
Mr. Leach also provides Training Seminars in developing and implementing jail classification systems and risk management methodologies. Training topics include:
  • Objective Jail Classification
  • "Objective Reasonableness" in Jail Use of Force
  • Managing Inmate Behavior in Jails
  • Managing Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and Intersex Inmates
  • Reasonable Management of Suicide in Jails
  • Reasonable Use of Restraints in Jails and Prisons
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