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Building Codes Expert Witness Lonnie Haughton

Lonnie Haughton, MCP
Master Code Professional
318 Harrison Street, Suite 103
Oakland CA 94607
phone: 510-893-5501
Lonnie Haughton, MCP is the Principal Codes / Construction Consultant at Richard Avelar & Associates, a forensic architectural consulting firm in Oakland, California. He is a CA-licensed General Contractor.

Mr. Haughton is Certified by the International Code Council as a Master Code Professional. He is also a Building Inspector, Plans Examiner, and Building Code Official with strong expertise in the California Building Code and, its predecessor, the Uniform Building Code.

Mr. Haughton has spent the past fifteen years compiling a hard-copy library of historic codes and a digital library of more than 30,000 reference documents including building envelope standards, evaluation reports, and related research materials, which he relies upon in his current managerial position – specially created to reflect his MCP certification and codes expertise.

Litigation Support Lonnie Haughton provides expert services to counsel representing both Plaintiff and Defense throughout the western United States. He has multiple peer-reviewed articles and papers published nationwide.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Building Codes - Historic and present
  • ADA and Accessibility - California Certified Access Specialist
  • Personal Injury - Code Evaluations (including: ‘negligence per se’)
  • Contractor’s Duty of Care - Compliance with plans, specifications and industry standards
  • Water Damage & Interior Humidity - Identifying actual causes and mechanisms
  • Dataloggers - Measurements of ambient moisture content
  • Sampling - Qualitative v. quantitative sampling of the building envelope
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4/3/2015 · Construction
Who likely should be blamed for the blackish mold growth found at this new three-bedroom, two-bath apartment in San Jose, California? Unfortunately, landlords often rush to accuse their tenants of generating too much "lifestyle moisture". In many cases, such assessments are both inaccurate and unfair.