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Fingerprints Expert Witness David Goodwin

David Goodwin
Owner / Director
8 The Sidings
Irthlingborough Northamptonshire NN9 5RZ
phone: 44-0-7846-401211
fax: 44-0-1604-533409
David Goodwin has over 32 years of Fingerprint Analysis and has been a Home Office registered Fingerprint Expert for over 28 years. The Owner and Director of Fingerprint Associates Ltd., Mr. Goodwin is a recognised fingerprint expert with very recent knowledge of IDENT1 and other Bureau activities and is registered with the National Policing Improvement Agency (N.P.I.A) as an Expert Advisor. His background includes 10 years with the Metropolitan Police, New Scotland Yard and 18 Years with Northamptonshire Police as the Head of Fingerprint Services. Mr. Goodwin has prepared and presented Expert Fingerprint Evidence in Courts of all types.

Skills Base:
  • Foundation Fingerprint Course
  • Intermediate Fingerprint Course
  • Advanced Fingerprint Course
  • Scene Examiner
  • Trained as Crime Scene Manager
  • FERRT (Forensic Evidence Recovery and Retrieval Techniques) Trained
Areas of Expertise:
  • Criminal Cases - Perform a comparison of an identified case and offer an independent analysis of the identification. Offer evidence to advise the Defense on related fingerprint matters.
  • Immigration - Provide an impartial comparison of sets of fingerprints in dispute and provide an independent report into the comparison.
  • Civil Cases - Assist Courts and Tribunals throughout the UK and abroad on issues involving contracts, wills and covenants.
  • International Electoral Services - analyze ballot slips for duplicate or multiple thumb impressions.
  • Fingerprint Development - developed fingermarks are photographed in line with published guidelines which allow for "cradle to grave" service.
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