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Fingerprint Consultant Allan Bayle

Allan Bayle
Independent Fingerprint Expert
77 Great North Way
London England NW4 1PT
phone: 044-0208-201-5687
fax: 044-0208-201-5687
Alan Bayle is an Independent Consultant and Advisor on all Fingerprint and Forensic Scene Examination matters. He has been an advisor to the ACPO led Project Board for fingerprint training which includesRidgeology and Designing a Ridgeology course for future experts in the United Kingdom.

From August 1996 until May 2001, Mr. Bayle lectured at the Scientific Support College for the Metropolitan Police Training Establishment in Hendon. Subjects included Basic Fingerprint Foundation, Advanced Fingerprint, Cadavers / Chemical, and Forensic Basic Awareness courses. He has researched Forensic Ridgeology (quantitative/qualitative analysis) of finger marks for the last three years, completing evidence and lecturing and advising on all types of latent marks. He has lectured in the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia.

Professional Services include:
  • Expert Consultant for all aspects of Forensic Science related to Fingerprint Identification and Latent Print Examination
  • All aspects dealing with the Identification of Cadavers
  • Lecture on Fingerprints including Ridgeology
  • Advise on Documentaries or Programs for TV & Radio
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