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Horse Safety Consultant Wayne Hipsley

Wayne G. Hipsley, BSc, MSc
2720 Wiggington Point
Lexington KY 40511
phone: 859-621-6995
Hipsley & Associates, Equine Educational & Management Consultants, provide a variety of services for many aspects of the horse business and related industries. Their client base ranges from domestic to foreign organizations such as the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Assn., Color Breed Council, Massachusetts Dept. of Public Safety, American Horse Council, Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry, US Livestock Genetic Export, and many more international and domestic organizations as well as breeders and owners.

Principal, Wayne G. Hipsley, BSc, MSc, has over 40 years of educational and practical experience in the business of horses. He currently provides legal expertise on a wide variety of issues pertaining to horses in local, regional, national, international, recreational, and professional settings including:
  • Association Management and Operations Reviews
  • Budget Preparation
  • Financial Reviews
  • Bylaws Reviews
  • Personnel Searches and Preliminary Interviews
  • Establishment of Judges Educational Seminars and Licensing Criteria
  • Coordination of Educational Programs
  • Newsletter Preparation
  • Event Management
  • Equine Related Subject Matter Presentations
Educational Seminars and Clinics - Mr. Hipsley has an international reputation as an educator on a wide variety of topics. He has presented seminars in Australia, New Zealand, China, Denmark, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, France and South Africa. He has worked as the coordinator/instructor for horse show judge’s seminars held to educate and license judges. He also serves as a consultant to help coordinate licensing processes, including the preparation of examinations and the examination process. He has first hand knowledge in dealing with horse hobby vs business cases, including the assessment of activities, development of a business plan and methodology for development of a sound business outlook.

Publications - Wayne Hipsley has received numerous awards as editor of two major breed journals from American Horse Publications and the Livestock Publications Council. He has written on horse industry topics including judging, marketing, training, showing, breeds history, and more.

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