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8/1/2012· Technology

Communication Tips for Technology Professionals

By: Leo A. Wrobel

Technology professionals who are serious about seeing their career elevate beyond the level of bits and bytes will go above and beyond what their peers choose not to do. Noted author and technical futurist Leo Wrobel explains why verbal and written communication skills are key to not only keeping a job but climbing the corporate ladder.


7/8/2007· Marketing

Ten Tips for Search Engine Optimization Copywriting

By: Howard Irizarry

Keep your target audience in mind AT ALL TIMES and write your content for their wants and needs. Make sure to give them the information on who, what, where, when, why and how


8/4/2004· Computer Forensics

Drilling-Down To The Truth From Computer Evidence

By: Dr. Stephen Castell

Disputes over failed software construction projects raise interlinked technical and legal issues which are complex, costly, and time-consuming to unravel – whatever the financial size of the claims and counterclaims, the facts and circumstances of the contract between the parties, or the conduct of the software development


8/4/2004· Computers

Recognizing Early The Signature Of Dispro - The IT Disaster Project

By: Dr. Stephen Castell

I spent much of a whole year recently investigating why a major IT outsourcing deal broke down, and had given rise to the largest software contract dispute yet seen in the English High Court

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