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Electro-Diagnostic Medicine Expert Witnesses

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Dr. Jonathan S. Rutchik, MD, MPH
20 Sunnyside Ave Suite A-321
Mill Valley CA 94941
phone: 415-381-3133
fax: 415-381-3131
Dr. Jonathan S. Rutchik, MD, MPH, is one of the few physicians in the USA who is board certified in both Neurology and in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. He also has a masters in public health. He has been practicing medicine since 1995 and in California since 2000.

Dr. Rutchik provides trustworthy litigation support and expert witness services for issues involving Neurological Illness Secondary to Workplace Injuries and Exposure. Dr. Rutchik has had experience with cases related to neurological problems and physical accidents, trauma as well as chemical and pharmacological exposures in occupational and environmental settings. Other services include independent medical examinations, medical record review, and utilization review.

Dr. Rutchik believes in evidence and scientifically based medicine. His services are available to plaintiffs, applicants, defense attorneys, and insurance companies (approximately 50/50) specializing in Toxic Tort, Personal Injury, and Product Reliability related to neurology.

Selected Case Examples:
  • Manganese and Tremor/ Parkinsonism
  • Carbon Monoxide and Encephalopathy
  • Organic solvents and Encephalopathy
  • Metals and Neuropathy
  • Brain Injury - Post Concussion Syndrome
  • Pesticides and Neuropathy
  • Mold and Neurological Consequences
  • Return to Work Issues
  • Workers Compensation Issues
  • Product Liability and Neuropathy
  • Offices Locations: San Francisco, Richmond, Petaluma, Sacramento, Arcata (See Location Details in Links Above)

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