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Engineering Firm Finds ERP System That Helps Standardize Global Operation

ERP Selection Case Study: Professional Services

By: Panorama Consulting Group

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Providing engineering, architecture, construction, and consulting solutions to the global life sciences and advanced technology industries, this firm had recently undergone an internal reorganization of its business units and operations.

Each region was following its own processes, and multiple systems were being used. This led to duplicate and inconsistent data.

To streamline future operations, the firm wanted to consolidate domestic and international accounting, cost control, and project management functions for both its design and construction businesses into a single solution.

The firm also wanted to consolidate sales, procurement, human resources, and other functions or effectively integrate best of breed systems for those functions. ERP System


The Firm hired Panorama to help it achieve the following goals:

  • Replace its current systems landscape with a modern, multi-language, multicurrency, multi-company solution
  • Find a system providing easy access to real-time data
  • Find a system that integrates with certain existing systems and cloud applications (payroll, ATS, LMS, etc.)
  • Reduce the use of Excel and other external methods as a means of managing business information, as an input, output, or reporting device

To accomplish this, the Panorama Team provided the following services:

  • Conducting requirements gathering for the US and EU
  • Conducting a technology assessment resulting in a vendor long list and short list
  • Creating an RFP and sending to vendors
  • Providing project oversight
  • Creating demo scripts
  • Analyzing RFP results
  • Analyzing demo survey results
  • Negotiating with the vendor

Panorama Consulting Group is a technology-agnostic consultancy specializing in Digital Business Transformation and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Implementations for mid- to large-sized private- and public-sector organizations worldwide. This highly respected firm is 100% independent of software and technology vendor affiliation. They offer a phased and integrated approach to strategy alignment and execution, enabling each client to achieve its unique business transformation objectives by transforming its people, processes, and technology.

Panorama clients include multi-national conglomerates from Amazon Robotics to Valcor Engineering, as well as governmental entities, including state and local governments, municipalities, school districts, state offices of the attorney general, and tribal governments.

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