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Plastics and Polymers Engineering Expert Witnesses

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David W. Riley
President, PhD and Physical Organic Chemistry
858 Princeton Ct.
Branchburg NJ 08853
phone: 908-369-7260
fax: 908-369-7260
Dr. David W. Riley is an Extrusion Analysis & Plastics Rheological Consultant. Dr. Riley has spent over nineteen years as a consultant in the field of Plastic Processing. He has over forty years of experience in developing Polymer Defect Technology and fifteen years in developing the field of Plastic and Polymer coefficient of friction related to the feed section of the extruder.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Expert Witness
  • Analytical Instrumentation Adaptation to Processing Equipment
  • Friction Analysis
  • Melt Rheology
  • Extrusion Equipment: Design & Analysis of Production
  • Telecommunication Cables and Insulation
  • Power Cables and Testing XLDPE
  • All phases of PVC Compounding & Extrusion
  • Thermal Stability of Polymers
  • Surface Chemistry, Metals & Polymers