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7/17/2020· Remote Sensing Image / Satellite Data Analysis

Remote Sensing, Railroad Wildfires, and the Ranches

By: David G. Koger

Year after year, their crops, livestock, equipment, barns, out buildings and fences went up in smoke. With nothing left to sell, they reinvested what money they did have (and borrowed) to replace it all. What they could not do—at any cost—was restore fragile habitats and native grasses, which had been groomed and guarded over for generations.


5/28/2020· Remote Sensing Image / Satellite Data Analysis

Satellite Image Analysis: Why Half Of The House Fell Into The Lake

By: David G. Koger

On a warm summer evening, the earth gave way and half of a beautiful resort home fell into the lake. Was it caused by a geological fault? Were other homeowners in danger?

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