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2/18/2014· Medical

FDA Review of Implantable Medical Devices Requires Both Physical Testing and Finite Element Analysis

By: Dr. T. Kim Parnell

The United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for Class III implantable medical devices requires a 10 year life, or approximately 400 million cycles of service.


5/6/2014· Failure Analysis

Rail Cracking due to Residual Stress from Manufacturing and Heat Treating

By: Dr. T. Kim Parnell

Rail residual stress distributions can be complex and variable in nature, as different manufacturing techniques produce varying stress magnitudes and distributions. To evaluate the effect of residual stresses on rail integrity, an analysis technique was sought that could quantify the effect of these stresses on web crack propagation.


4/3/2014· Automotive - Vehicular

Finite Element Simulation of 180° Rollover for Heavy Truck Vehicles

By: Dr. T. Kim Parnell

The computer program LS-DYNA3D was used to simulate the behavior of a specific, though representative, heavy truck cab-over tractor-trailer vehicle during a full 180° rollover event. These simulations provide a key component in the development of a physical testing procedure for evaluating structural integrity and occupant crash protection system designs in heavy trucks.

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