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11/4/2014 12:00:00 AM
Tom M. McLellan, PhD, Renowned Exercise and Environmental Physiology Expert Witness and Personal Protective Clothing Consultant, Joins is proud to announce new member, Dr. Tom M. McLellan. With 30 years of experience in Exercise and Environmental Physiology, Dr. McLellan is available as an expert witness and consultant in matters relating to exercise physiology and heat strain in protective clothing.

Stouffville, Ontario (PRWEB), November 4, 2014

Protective Clothing PhotoTom M. McLellan, PhD, director at TM McLellan Research, Inc., is an exercise and environmental physiologist. He specializes in understanding the limitations of working in personal protective clothing, developing strategies for the mitigation of heat stress, and optimizing physical and cognitive performance during sustained operations.

Dr. McLellan worked as a defense scientist at Defence R&D Canada in Toronto for 27 years before retiring from Public Service in 2012. Dr. McLellan's research expertise evolved during the original Gulf War in 1991 when the Allied Forces were in need of evidence-based recommendations for operating in the extreme environments of the Middle East while wearing Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Protective Clothing.

Tom McLellan Press Release QuoteDr. McLellan conducted numerous laboratory trials to study the influence of fitness, hydration, heat acclimation, sex, circadian rhythm, body composition, microclimate cooling, metabolic rate and the environment on heat tolerance while wearing the NBC clothing. His research led to work and rest guidelines for Canadian Forces personnel and other NATO Forces wearing the protective clothing. In addition, he was contacted and subsequently developed similar guidelines for the Toronto Fire Service and other Fire Services across Ontario, which led to a citation award from the Toronto Fire Service in 2004.

Dr. McLellan also established an expertise on the use of caffeine during sustained military operations to sustain physical and cognitive performance during overnight clandestine operations that provide little opportunity for sleep. Together with military scientists in the United States and New Zealand, several evidence-based field trials were conducted with Special Forces personnel to document the benefits of using a caffeinated gum during overnight periods of sleep loss. The findings led to the production of Stay Alert gum for use by deployed service personnel.

Tom M. McLellan, PhD, is one of's world-class expert witnesses and consultants. His engagements relate to exercise physiology and heat strain in protective clothing, including the effects of aerobic fitness, heat acclimation, hydration, gender, work/rest cycles, body composition and micro-climate cooling on tolerance to heat stress while wearing the clothing.

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