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The Essentials of Parental Alienation Syndrome: It's Real, It's Here and It Hurts

Robert A. Evans, PhD, et al

October 21, 2011

We are seeing an increase in high conflict, adversarial divorce cases in mental health practices and in the courtrooms around the country. These cases present with a significant amount of parental conflict and, as a consequence, represent a threat to the children caught in the middle of these conflicts. Curiously, there is a great commonality among these cases in terms of the tactics alienators use to separate a parent from his or her children. The purpose of this work is to share ideas, thoughts, background, theory and some experiences in working with high conflict families. It is important for professionals to get a sense of both sides of the Parental Alienation Syndrome issue.


The Failure of Securities Arbitrations: Mandatory Understanding of the Lack of Investment and Product Knowledge and Application by Plaintiffs, Defendants, Experts, Arbitrators and Attorneys and the Implications to Arbitration and Litigation

Errold F. Moody

February 7, 2013

A real life examination of claims brought before FINRA regarding suitability and the knowledge of all entities in trying such cases.


Financial Planning Fiduciary Standards under Dodd Frank: Mandatory Knowledge and Application of Investments, Insurance and Annuities

Errold F. Moody

February 20, 2012

Mandatory reading for first year finance, business and financial planning majors, all CFPS, ChFCs, CPAs, and attorneys dealing with money matters (business, estate, real estate, divorce, 401ks, etc.).


Slaying the Crypto Dragons: Towards a CryptoSure Trust Model for Crypto-Economics (Ch. 4)

Stephen Castell, PhD

April 25, 2021

This book - "Blockchain Technology and Innovations in Business Processes" - provides a platform to bring together researchers, academia and industry collaborators to exchange their knowledge and work to develop better understanding about the scope of blockchain technology in business management applications of different sectors such as retail sector, supply chain and logistics, healthcare sector, manufacturing sector, judiciary, finance and government sector in terms of data quality and timeliness.


Uncommon Perspectives on the Psychology of Leadership: Leader Assessment and Development--A Unique Approach Marrying Insights From Psychoanalysis and the US Army

Prudence Gourguechon, MD

March 1, 2021

Leaders are entrusted with the fate of their stakeholders, their enterprises, their nations. Yet the process of choosing leaders, whether its by search committees, boards or voters rarely looks at the essential character traits and cognitive capacities that all effective and ethical leaders must have. This slim but sophisticated volume provides a unique model and practical tools for assessing leader capability, based on a five-point model of fundamental competence: empathy, self-discipline, trust, critical thinking and self-awareness. Without these five capacities, or at least sharp awareness of their deficiencies, no leader can build a strong and effective organization, secure loyalty and communicate effectively.


Uncommon Perspectives on the Psychology of Investing: The Role of Emotion in Investing

Prudence Gourguechon, MD

June 1, 2018

Smart investors need to know about inevitable psychological and emotional forces that will affect their decision making. This book helps investors understand the lesser known phenomena of regression and disavowal and how to stop them from leading to critical errors, why they will inevitably make mistakes, the importance of self-awareness and how to deal with anxiety.


Essential Operational Components for High-Performing Healthcare Enterprises (ACHE Management)

Jon Burroughs, MD, FACHE

August 1, 2018

The future of healthcare is clear. The move toward value-based care is happening at an unprecedented rate and requires healthcare enterprises to build delivery models that focus on clinical and business outcomes, not on volume. In this book, Jon Burroughs and other nationally respected experts highlight the operational building blocks necessary to engage, align, and transform healthcare organizations into integrated delivery systems capable of delivering population healthcare outcomes in new ways. They must marshal cutting-edge tools, including cloud-based data storage, disruptive innovation technologies, and strategic partnerships that span the globe.


Shi'i Jurisprudence and Constitution: Revolution in Iran (Palgrave Series in Islamic Theology, Law)

Amirhassan Boozari

March 1, 2011

Focusing substantially on the relation between the concept of constitutionalism and Islamic Law in general and how such relation is specifically reflected in the Shiite jurisprudence, this volume explores the juristic origins of constitutionalism, especially in the context of 1905 Constitutional Revolution in Iran.


Windows NT Device Driver Development (OSR Classic Reprints)

W. Anthony Mason, et al

January 1, 2006

For years, this has been the definitive and comprehensive technical reference for software engineers, systems programmers, and any engineer who needs to understand Windows NT systems internals. While this text has a fresh new look on the outside, the text, pictures, code samples and references on the inside are vintage 1998. Nevertheless, the book retains a tremendous amount of value in its clear (erudite even) descriptions of the Windows NT operating system architecture and internals; information on the implementation of standard Windows NT kernel mode drivers; Key details on the workings of Windows NT I/O Manager; and detailed technical discussions on interrupt management and synchronization issues.


Chemical Sensitivity: The Truth About Environmental Illness

Ronald E Gots, MD, PhD, et al

April 1, 1998

Chemical sensitivity (or "multiple chemical sensitivity") describes people with numerous troubling symptoms attributed to environmental factors, from simple housepaint to complex building structures and materials in offices and schools. The authors explore the speculations about environmental exposure in the light of scientific knowledge of human physiology, allergy and immunology, pathology, toxicology, and clinical medicine.

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