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Litigators often reach for doctrines such as res judicata or collateral estoppel to narrow the scope of a case. Res judicata prevents re-litigation of the same claim that was litigated in a prior case. Collateral estoppel prevents re-litigation of the same issue that was decided in a prior case.

11/17/2011 · Laws & Procedures
On virtually any day of the week, you can pick up a newspaper and read about a lawsuit. You read the article and say to yourself: "There but for the grace of God go I." Then, the seemingly inevitable happens: You receive a letter from an attorney (or their client) that you are to be sued, or worse, you are served with a lawsuit.

12/13/2001 · Laws & Procedures
Newly-enacted California Commercial Code section 9610 (former Section 9504(1), (3)), 9611 (former Section 9504(3)), 9612 (new), and 9613 (new) have replaced the former requirements for noticing a disposition of non-consumer personal property collateral by sale, previously found at Section 9504. The new statute somewhat simplifies the procedure, releasing the party noticing the sale from a number of obligations, but adds a few minor requirements as well