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Healthcare Compliance Consultant Jacqueline Bloink

Jacqueline N. Bloink, MBA, RHIA, CHC, CFE, CPC, CPC-I
San Clemente CA USA
phone: 970-560-1009
Jacqueline Bloink LLC is an independent organization that provides Healthcare Compliance Consulting, educational services, risk analysis, and fraud examinations. They assist organizations and entities to:
  • Prevent or Identify Healthcare Fraud
  • Build and Evaluate Compliance Programs
  • Conduct Compliance Program Risk Analysis
  • Evaluate Medical Chart Documentation
  • Medical Coding / Forensic Compliance Education
  • 1 Day Boot Camp for Certified Professional Compliance Officer (CPCO)- AAPC Examination
Principal, Jacqueline N. Bloink, MBA, RHIA, CHC, CFE, CPC, CPC-I, has over 20 years of experience in the field of Healthcare Compliance, with educational degrees, certifications and awards in healthcare management, coding, billing, reimbursement, compliance, education, and fraud prevention and identification.

Background - Ms. Bloink served as the Director of Compliance for the largest provider group in Arizona. For several years she worked as a Medical Coding Manager, Reimbursement Manager, and Compliance Liaison for a University Physician Group - Department of Medicine, and as Corporate Responsibility Auditor for a large 3 Hospital network. Her work includes both medium and small practice administration.

Ms. Bloink is a Professor and Instructor in the area of Medical Coding, Billing, Health Information Management, and Healthcare Fraud. She is a national, state and local speaker (author) for such groups as ACFE, HCCA, AAPC, American College of Physicians, CLM, Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, CA AHIMA, and others. In 2015, she was honored to be the recipient of the Arizona ACFE Sentinel Award “Truth Over Self” that acknowledged her assistance to the Office of Inspector General / Department of Justice with the largest Healthcare Fraud Case (FCA) in Arizona history.

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