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Fiduciary Expert Daniel Reser

Daniel Reser
369-B Third Street, #543
San Rafael CA 94901
phone: 415-482-9513
Daniel Reser is a trusted Fiduciary and Registered Investment Advisor. Prior to his role at Fiduciary Services, Inc., he served as Vice President and Manager for Wilmington Trust based in Santa Monica, CA, also of Bank of America, and Security Pacific Bank. Mr. Reser also has a JD from Southern Methodist University. In 1989, he graduated from the UCLA John Anderson Graduate School of Management Executive Program.

Mr. Reser is considered a highly effective and capable trust fiduciary due to his legal training, his extensive experience as a fiduciary for corporate reorganizations and retirement plans as well as his reputation for ethical business practices and pragmatic management style. He has been a corporate fiduciary for corporate securities and reorganization transactions as well as trustee and custodian of retirement plans for over 25 years. During his career, Mr. Reser has administered and managed a wide variety of Governmental, Corporate and Union Retirement Plans as plan trustee. His current role as principal of an investment advisory firm includes acting as Fiduciary for Company Stock in Retirement Plans including ESOPs.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Leveraged and Unleveraged ESOP Transactions
  • Acquisitions and Sales of Employer Stock by Company Retirement plans
  • Company Stock in Other Qualified Plans
  • ERISA Sec. 404 (c) protection for Employer Stock
  • Pass-through Voting and Tender Offer Decision Making
  • Management and Divestiture of Shares
  • Satisfying Independent Fiduciary Requirement for Meeting Prohibited Transaction Exemption in Connection with Settlement of Litigation Per P.T. Exemption 2003-39 of 12-31-03
  • Orphan Plans
  • Rabbi trusts
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