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Dottie Walters

Speak and Grow Rich

Use Your Speaking
Skills for High Profits

President of Walters International Speakers Bureau

Do you have an area of special expertise? How would you like to make big money talking about it?... Lots of money? Professional speakers can earn over $800,000 per year! In this exciting book which is considered the "Bible of the Professional Speaking Industry", world class speaker, Dottie Walters will give you money-making information on:

Income Sources:

  • Speaking At Conventions/Retreats For Corporations & Associations
  • Sponsored Workshops
  • Consulting
  • Cruise Ship Speaking
  • How To Be Booked By Many Bureaus
  • Creating And Selling Products At The Back Of The Room And In Advance To Client

How to Choose Hot Topics and Titles:

  • Secrets Of Titles That Sell
  • Magic Words
  • Targeting Specific Markets

The Business:

  • Finding Places To Speak & How To Set Fees
  • Going From Free Work To FEE Work
  • Barter And Trade Deals
  • Equipment
  • How To Book Yourself
  • Negotiating Contracts

Promotion and Publicity:

  • How To Get Publicity In Radio, TV And Written Media
  • How To Write To Gain Bookings

You'll also get tips on improving your speeches every time you give them and how to lift your audience out of their chairs. This is the most complete workshop you'll ever take on becoming a professional speaker. A career in professional speaking offers endless opportunities.

Dottie Walters is the author of Speak and Grow Rich. Her Walters International Speakers Bureau sends speakers around the world. She is the founder of IGAB, the Speakers Bureau Association.

Walters Speakers Services
P.O. Box 398
Glendora, CA 91740-0398
Phone (626)335-8069 Fax (626)335-6127

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