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Garage Doors / Gates Accident Reconstruction Consultants: 3

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Construction Consultant Michael Panish

Michael Panish

Construction Expert, Door Expert, Gate Expert

PO Box 725
Woodland Hills, CA 91365
---------- Available ----------

USA, International, CAN

phone: 888-902-4272

fax: 818-888-7302


Door Gate Dock Consultant Kenneth Martin

Kenneth D. Martin

9616 Sweet Palm Court

Las Vegas NV 89178

phone: 801-560-5689


Forensic Engineer Consultant Dr Rasty

Prof. J. Rasty, Ph.D., PE, MBA, CFEI, CFII

Founding President & CEO

2309 19th Street

Lubbock TX 79401

phone: (806) 368-9811

fax: (806) 368-9812


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