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Articles on Workplace Violence

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Bullying in the workplace is a very serious issue. It has been linked to workplace violence and many other workplace problems.

It may be the most important Latin phrase you never learned in law school. It won't help you win a case but it could save your life. Obfirmo ianua roughly translates as "Lock the door."

Workplace violence presents one of the greatest challenges an organization can face. Poised at the intersection of corporate oversight and law enforcements purview, threats and violence that affect the workplace generate a wealth of concerns for management

The average American workplace, if you work 40 hours a week and have two weeks vacation, requires 2,000 hours annually.That's almost 23% of your life each year. Do you know if any or how many handguns are in your workplace

WOW! Did you know that approximately 1 Million people a year are affected by violence in the workplace. 4 Billion dollars are lost due to this growing issue in the United States